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EXTENDED I'm Dreaming of a WhiteRose Christmas GIVEAWAY!


Who is/are this amazing person/people that are donating these mods!? All I can say is thank you!


WOWWOWWOWWOW!!! HAPPY WHITEROSE NEW YEAR!!! This is so awesome and generous it gives me hope for humanity. Thanks all who are involved, both in front and behind the scenes.


WhiteRose New Year!!
Thanks new anonymous, @Whiterose0818 and @Lolly


Well I’ll be damned. Another Christmas miracle !!!

Sign me up again

Whiterose Christmas.


We truly are part of an amazing and generous community!
Proud to be a member here amongst some beautiful and giving people!
Hopefully this time I will get the chance to own one of these beauties but nonetheless some lucky bugger will get that chance.
Good luck to all and a big Thank you to the anonymous donor!


Well, fuck me sideways I’m speechless and that doesn’t happen very often :zipper_mouth_face::grinning::tada:
Thanks very much anonymous nr2 and good luck to everybody.


Okay you lovely lot, if your name isn’t already on the list…GET IT ON THERE!! :grin:

Same rules as originally stated (unless WR tells me any different :rofl:)


ELR=Love :heart:
Almost New Year’s y’all! Thanks to the anonymous Santa person, and of course to @Whiterose0818 and @Lolly for being just absolute awesome human beings. I loves yall. Hope everyone had good holidays!


You guys are awesome. It’s so nice to be part if this giving and generous community. :heart_eyes:


Another donation? Unbefckinglievable . I’ve never seen a forum like this before.


Awesome. A second chance doesn’t come by too often. Thanks Anon, @Whiterose0818 and @Lolly once again.

Am I correct to assume it’s the old list with added names for anyone who isn’t on it?


Wooza. That’s super cool. I love Whiterose christmass.


wow what a great opportunity ty to all those thatvare making this happen , good luck to all and lets go Fidalgo


You are indeed :+1:


Whiterose New Year!
Hell yeah, and thanks so much for the chance!


Happy Whiterose New Year!


oh freakin awesome!


Wow that is amazing, happy Whiterose new year and thank you once again to the new anon, lolly and whiterose himself.


Just to be safe, whiterose Christmas!


This makes me very happy! Thank you @Whiterose0818 and the wonderful anonymous donor!