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EXTENDED I'm Dreaming of a WhiteRose Christmas GIVEAWAY!


Oh, I love you guys!!! Happy @Whiterose0818 NEW YEAR!!!



Remember how excited Jessie was when Zack got her hooked on spee, umm, caffeine pills?


That is how excited i am right now!

Thank you to all the wonderful people out there who help people when they can.


@Whiterose0818 @Lolly Since I was the oh-so-lucky winner of WR Christmas, kindly remove me from this giveaway. As much as I’d like to be this benevolent and kind-spirited creature, truth is if by chance I won again I’d claim my spoils!!! Time for someone else to benefit.

And hey, kudos to the ones who really are the kind-spirited and giving individuals for making these awesome donations!!


Awesome news. Thank you @Whiterose0818 and @Lolly. Bringing in the New Year right.:+1:t2::+1:t2:


I don’t think I actually said WHITEROSE CHRISTMAS


Maybe that’s why u didn’t win :grin:


Wow, never ceases to amaze me how generous this community is at all times. Thank u to the mystery donors again and @Whiterose0818 for the amazing work u do and @Lolly for keeping track of all of us eager contestants! Hope everyone’s Christmas was a merry one and I wish u all…



Happy white rose new year everyone


I have slept a many lonely night at that truck stop… no lot lizards alas.


Haha…I guess Lizzy was off that night!


Wow! Thanks for the unexpected second chance! Good luck everyone and thanks to who is responsible for this!

Happy Whiterose Newyear!


I’m in so Happy Whiterose Christmas or New Year


It’s so cool a 2nd shot at one of these awesome mods yes!


Back when I was running the Pacific Northwest that truckstop had a real seedy strip bar.

Ok. Mailman stopped by. I have no words other than pure gratitude. This is the most awesome I’ve felt in some time.


Very nice!


Right on WAY COOL Thanks @Whiterose0818 and Generous Donor


Oh wow! How beautiful that is!!! I’m am experiencing pure envy right now! I probably resemble the wicked witch of the west at the moment!!!


Wow!! That’s GORGEOUS! So happy for you!

I can’t believe the generosity of this community! We have a 2nd anonymous donor doing it?!?!? I love the generosity in this community!

Thank you so much to Both Donors, May you both be gifted with an amazing 2018!

And a giant thank you to @daath for creating ELR for all of us, you have given us all so much with it. I sometimes wonder if you realize just how many people’s lives have been made better by the knowledge and friendships to be found here.

Also, huge thanks and hugs and wonderful New Years to @Lolly and @Whiterose0818!


First time checking out this thread - @Whiterose0818 that is one amazing looking mod! @SthrnMixer congrats! You deserve it! :smiley: