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EXTENDED I'm Dreaming of a WhiteRose Christmas GIVEAWAY!


Still a nice gesture to bump this one back up, making sure the vendors will not forget the Chrismass action for '18!


Kinda true. #teamfreeshit for sure. But Whiterose is an artist and not really a vendor.



WHITEROSE CHRISTMAS for an entry. Thank you for the chance.


? seriously? thread prob good for closure @Ken_O_Where @woftam @Silhouette @Alisa


Congratulations on your first post ever. It’s never too late to admir the work of @Whiterose0818 …a truely valued member of our community and deeply miss.


get ourselves an anonymous donor again, nudge, nudge…


So if this is expired then why was the link included in the email I just received? Oh well, I never win things like this anyway.


That certainly explains the recent hits!


Care to share the email?


ive wondered about his absence , i guess i missed something hopefully all is well …


Ooorah @Chrispdx and @Hittman you were a little late for this one, but stay tuned for when @Whiterose0818 runs another one.


Here’s a screenshot. I just noticed that the part with the link says 2017.


Not extended anymore and is well and truly over.