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EXTENDED I'm Dreaming of a WhiteRose Christmas GIVEAWAY!


Sick as tits.


@lgatesca what color is the screen?


No worries, the fam doesnt grade on participation. This place is filled with good people. I honestly cant figure why, but Im glad they let me in.

Enjoy that mod…it will take some getting used to. They really explode with a 30mm atomizer. It took me two months to get used to it, but that was on the very wet Ally RDA. You owe us a review after you get used to it tho.


Screen is green.

Any advice on coil build?


Maybe for a shot with a lit screen. :grinning:

First, apologies that I dont know you. What is the biggest build in the biggest atomizer youve had? Do you taste kanthal (I dont)? How long have you been vaping and do you know what is in your hand? That battery will power a hairdryer…are you comfortable with that?

In general…dont be fancy with these things. They beat a coil like a circus monkey. What I like in a Modfather is a huge build 4mm+ with nothing but hemp wick. wick matters even more for a cloud machine.

Fancy wires like claptons and up will gunk up quick. The wire gets hotter than the wick and has finer features maybe. I dunno, the wire is toast before hemp gets broken in. The question becomes how much one values the extra flavor. Fancy wires do taste better to me.


It took me a long time but I finally took WhiteRose’s advice on building high and cranking up the volts.

I was building between .16 to .25 ohms and running the voltage between 4.0-5.2. This was drawing between 16 to 25 amps. I got about 8 hours of battery life and good flavor.

The Modfather change all that and changed my perspective on builds and flavor.

Current build is fused stapled claptons. Dual coil build is coming in at 1.3 ohms. The voltage is cranked up to 11.2. Seems extreme doesn’t it? But when it is broke down it makes sense.

1.3 ohms at 11.2 volts is only drawing 8.63 amps of power. This keeps you lipo safe and extends run time to about 2 full days of vaping. And the flavor is out of this world different from a .25 ohm build.

On my dual 18650 PWM mods I try to get between .4 and .5 ohms and 75% power on the potentiometer. Flavor for days. And that is what PWM mods are all about.


TRW, I put a build on the Ally last weekend and have it sitting on a 4 battery paraseries mod. It will choke a donkey. I am certain I can now breathe under water.


You guys need to accept its pictures or lies. I wanna see some coil @TheTinMan1!


I will snap one when I get home from work. A paraseries is not the most convenient mod to carry to work. Hell, it doesn’t leave the house because it won’t fit in my cup holder, between my legs in the driver’s seat, or if I put it in the passenger seat I have to buckle it in for safety.


Threw in twisted Clapton’s at 1.57 ohms. What’s a good voltage to run at? Or where can I find info to show me the math?


For some reason I can’t upload a photo


Type in your resistance and voltage and it will show you what amps and watts your are running at.

A 1.57 build you can about max the voltage out if it is a 3S Lipo. I run a 1.3 build at 11.2 volts.


Any place in particular I can read up on PWM mods? I’m dying for some new gear, and I’m seriously considering a WhiteRose. I’ve been using regulated mods for the last 3+years, but I’m tired of dicking around with TC and want something new. I’ve played with mechs before in the past, but never really got into them(probably has something to do with my lack of love for RDA’s) I’d love to have a beast to power my Deja Vu RDTA, and am starting to think a PWM mod is just the ticket.


I’m sure you’ve already looked into the Whiterose Custom Mod thread. PWM in general is not rocket science, it limits the battery power by basically turning it on and off very quickly. It is very hard to get an accurate voltage reading because of this. Newer PWM boards like the smartPWM and the NLPWM could be different in this respect but these questions are better asked in the Facebook groups or just ask @Whiterose0818.

Personally I’ve tried 2 different Big Al’s PWM boards. Both broke after only a few months without a warning. Could be because I’ve made mistakes or just because the boards were dodgy, who knows?

Tried a smartPWM but they are… let’s say… challenging to build because they have so many wires and I haven’t found a good way to route the wires. Still working on it…

Also working on a NLPWM, chose the wrong enclosure so it it will take a while to finish, lots of filing to do. Shitty jobs without a router to cut the holes.

The cheapest half decent PWM mods I’ve seen so far were around 50GBP on eBay, anodized enclosures in different colors for 2x18650.

You should read up on Ohm’s law to get an idea on the voltage to set in order to get the correct wattage for your coil. I’ve made a spread sheet to calculate all the regulated mod would calculate. I think I’ve just broken it though… the 2nd part is still working, you set your required wattage and the resistance of the coil and get the voltage you have to set and the resulting current.

forgot the link to the spread sheet… here it is


Here are a few threads that will give you some accolades on WhiteRose’s work.

And he would be one of the best people to ask about what a PWM is and does. I can tell you what it did for me. It changed my entire vaping experience. Experience with regulated mods, temp control mods, tube mechs, parallel mechs, paraseries mechs, series mechs. Nothing has come close to what I get from a PWM mod.

A few things I can tell you about them. They are regulated, but at the most basic level. Low voltage, short protection, safety cut off. They will hum if you put a low build on it. Literally hum. High ohm builds and high voltage will kick in flavor so good it will make your tongue beat your brains out.

Send @Whiterose0818 a PM and he will give you all the details you need. Dude is a pleasure to work with down to every last detail.


Fuknaright, what that guy said. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Flavor makes DNA TC taste meh imho, and I was a DNA TC disciple. The LiPo is crucial too


I wanna thank each and every one of you for the help and participation you guys offer in this thread and others!
You guys fucking rock!!!
If anyone has any questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to PM me!!!
Much love, Fam!!


Thanks for the reading material! Also, apologies for not thinking to actually search the forum. I’d blame all the LDS I did back in the 60’s, but really it was me not extracting my cranium from the ol’ bung hole!

Guess I got some reading to do…:smiley:


No apologies necessary. Sometimes these threads get buried but all are worth a read and you will seee some beautiful mods along the way.


WHITEROSE CHRISTMAS. Good luck to everyone!


Your a good 7 months late. But I guess if your wishing people good luck…thanks. Oh and yes…here in ‘Murcia we celebrate Christmas in October. Jk. December 25th.