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FA Butter in the UK?


Trying to track down FA Butter here in the UK?
Can anyone help as I would love to try it out and get in on the butter vibe that so many are enjoying!


if you cant find it in the uk i know you can order direct from FA


Might have to go down that route if all else fails? LOL





It’s in the kitchen section on John’s site :+1:


Feel kind of stupid now!
Never thought of looking there? LOL
Thanks guys and Gals search is over! LOL


As Lolly said, on the kitchen site, well worth picking up too. Only butter flavour I have bought to be honest, but very impressed with it



It’s also in the sale section


Good find! :smiley:


Looking forward to trying this one out as all I’ve heard is good things.


I actually have no idea how I found it anymore… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I swear I just used the site’s search but it doesn’t return anything valid anymore. Supposedly it’s in the sweet flavors but it’s not. This site could really use an update, it’s always a very painful experience trying to get all the flavors I need in my cart.

Actually… I see the issue now. There’s a www.flavourart.co.uk AND a www.flavourart.uk
They’re 2 different websites scratching my head
When you google for “fa butter uk”, you’ll get directed to the .co.uk site and not .uk, and you won’t find it there.


I just use the food site now. Although its even more searching, everything is there. Butter, milk and whipped cream are three flavours not on the normal site I have really enjoyed.