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FA UK recruiting an Operations Assistant


Bumped into this while looking at how I am going to spend money again.


I am unrelated to them except as a customer, but they have always been very good service.

I do quite a bit of hiring elsewhere and I wish the job specs I was hiring against were than nice, after accounting for the different position type considered.

If looking for a job in Blackburn UK, there are clearly worse places to send an application to!


There isn’t many worse places than Blackburn. :joy:


Could be better, could be worse, could be dead… Or is that a Yorkshire thing?

Seriously though, I’d hapilly move there considering how bad it is getting in the south east… even with after considering the constant drizzle


If there’s one thing we’re consistently good at in Lancashire it’s rain!
I wouldn’t be knowing much about Yorkshire. :grinning:


What’s wrong with Blackburn and why is the south east bad?


Blackburn is just a dump. To be fair the folk of Blackburn probably say the same about the place I live. There’s only ten miles between us.
I can’t answer you about the south east.


In my experience:

  • People from this part of the country tend to believe it is better elsewhere, and complain about it.
  • People from other part of the country moving there mostly complain about the weather.

The south east is either a unaffordable London commuter town with little life or really isolated places. Either way, you serf away for a mortgage or a landlord, and you get very little from it.

I talk as an outsider as I am often reminded I am. I probably won’t be here forever either, which is how I cope :).


That was Monty Python’s… :rofl:


Might have been picked up, I have heard it outside of the ‘When I were a lad, we’d be happy to have a piece of coal to eat and the way to school was uphill both ways ;)’


About the same… :rofl: