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Facial hair and vaping


Never try and shave your balls with one… Although the blood makes the razor run smooth, it’s not good practice


I leave that to the female :laughing:


Your females shave their balls?! Something wrong here…


Well if they got any i’m sure they would but you know that wasn’t what i meant :wink:


While we are on the subject… Never try to use clippers… Was my fault…


Oh, you meant let the female do it?!

Damn, your living life on the edge there man, I like my balls where they are :laughing:


I grew a beard for 4 years with a lip curtain mustache that I combed to the sides. I shaved it all off last weekend. I never had that problem. I also don’t get vape windows unless it’s winter. I was going to comment on how I think relative humidity plays a big role in how the VG evaporates…but you may also just be vaping wrong.

Seriously though I never had that issue. It could be a rodent thing or the fact that my beard is always covered in beard oil. Any of yall with this problem rodents or use beard oil?


Nope no rodents and no beard oil either. I have not shaved for over 40 years now and have no intentions on ever shaving it off. My wife and kids have never seen me without my beard. I have trimmed it short and grown it out much longer than it is right now but never shaved it off in the last 40 years.


Heh – my beard ain’t much really. I decided I was bored shaving like 2 months ago, haven’t had a haircut in a few years tho. Shaved my head bald and was like “Let’s see what happens”.


solution trim mustache perse lips to exhale.


I tried grooming my beard to keep it out of the way when vaping … Didn’t work


You use one of those? I’m not assuming anything, just that…



Funny you should post that… I am sporting a half beard right now… :laughing:

Half beard half dirt and grime


REALLY? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was thinking the same thing .Glad you brought it up though. Some times if you just wait good things happen. :laughing:


No pics this morning (mainly because my hair looks like a hobo just got off a tilt-a-whirl at maximum speed).
I shaved for over 9 years, 3 Times a day (military) because it grew so fast.
Now that I’ve been out since '97 I have MAYBE shaved 6 or 7 times. My grandkids saw me without the beard once. They said grow it back.
I try to keep it around “grizzly Adams” length (tends to get extremely bushy) but I’m thinking of letting it go full zz top.
Not really a problem with vape though. It drinks up some juice. Just issues with an RDA snagging a hair by the root from time to time.


Kinda like the wet stache and beard look. Makes it glisten LOL
The major downside is it makes the cracker crumbs moist.


I knew I wasn’t the only one with moisture problems!:shower::shower::shower::shower::shower: