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Facial hair and vaping


Turns out – there’s an issue here XD. Breath thru the nose, whole mustache wet, thru mouth and half the mustache wet and the lower lip hair too >.>

I carry bandanna/handkerchiefs so it’s fine really, but this should be in some kind of PSA somewhere.



Yup! Most times, by mistake, I give my wife a “vape moustache” when I give her a kiss! But, she’s ok with it… she says she’d rather have the vape moustache than no kisses! :innocent:


LMFAO! I think they need to make wick out of mustache hair. Nothing wicks faster. Every exhale my stache is soaked.


Buy one of these. Latest rage!


@Walt3 that is so last year. you want one of these instead


I’m 20 and cannot grow facial hair so feel blessed haha!!!


WTF? I’ve always felt pride when my beard and mustache soaks up moisture.

Nyuk Nyuk :slight_smile:


All i can say is that it will take a while for my beard to get soaked since i got a 24" braid in that beard :wink:


This is so funny and true at the same time lol! I like to let the vapor ease down and can feel the cooling effects on a hot day. Those pics are funny as hell btw



Pic or it didn’t happen.


:laughing: i’ll see if i can do something about it, no promises though…


Don’t forget your Wiper Glasses…


Is it just me? I just lick it off, it’s another way of taste testing my juice :slight_smile:


My god – this community is dorky XD.

Yeah, well, I got my handkerchiefs, I think I’ll just wipe my mouth from time to time. The only issue with that is that it’ll remind me of the dad from The Shining, cause he did that when he was in a bad way with the booze. But that’s just a cost of reading books with fully developed characters.


Lets get some pics going. I don’t have a 24 inch braid but I do wear a rather full beard.


Awesome work! :grin:

Yes - come on guys (and gals - not to discriminate :rofl:) - lets see these impressive (facial) beards :grin:


Here’s the solution…


Heard about those things but never seen one up close. Don’t believe in them either :wink:


What is it with bearded men vaping? Is it because more men have beards now days and more people in general are now vaping? Both my boys have glorious beards. The oldest keeps his professionally trimmed but the youngest is heading into ZZ Top territory. I’ve never noticed him having this problem but I’ll ask him.