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Fall & Winter Recipes 2018! (WIP & Favorites)


I thought something was fishy when I viewed the top recipes over there and they were mostly Wayne’s.

Yep… you are correct…

nearly nonexistent.

I had to see what’s up with ATF for myself, because a member here refers to them quite often… but I wasn’t too impressed with their offerings.


V1 WIP not sure but it smells good , the LB scares me but when i mixed it as a SFT i went 5 , 10 and 15 pct there was an off note i couldnt figure out …

RFSC Pumpkin Pie reminds me of the PP filking without the spices yet… and has a slight hint of crust ( more buttery than crust )

LB Pumpkin Pie has a creaminess and mouthfeel that im hoping helps , at this percentage im hoping there wont be the off note i get at higher percnts

FLV pumpkin spice i havent tested but am assuming from reading notes and smell it should add all the spice i need…

and who doesnt top off pumpkin pie with whipped cream ??? the rich cinnamon there is jsut bc i hvent use it yet and felt it would fit

i never have much luck using multiple flavors that are similar like i did here , usually two do it for me crossing my fingers

ive also NEVER used the apple pie /cookie combo for crust so im hoping this is what they mean when they say 2 to 1 or whatever lol

UPDATE - 10-10-2018

Wow the rich cinnamon took over everything tgis mix was a complete fail … i will readjust a couple things and drop the LB pumpkin pie , the LB has some spice note that is off tasting …


Only because you haven’t tried it yet, try just 1 drop in 30 mls. This is stronger than any flavor I’ve ever used.

EDIT: oops… looks like you already mixed it.


i used two , but was hesitant ty for the advice at least ill know next time … i just got a bunch of bottles and feel i should test this as a solo ( ive been lazy about that lately) and never do it with creams anymore


yes i did :frowning: a lesson will soon be learned probably


You should be okay with 2 drops… I’ve seen it mixed higher.

You might end up with a triple dose tho, because of pumpkin spice flv.


thats a flavor ill be SFT since i finally restcked my bottle , .25 to .5 ??? what wld you suggest


Really no need to SFT. Here’s the perfect description…

It has a more complex spice profile with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg
It’s worth noting that it’s also much smoother and sweeter than Pumpkin Bread.

It’s a spice blend used as an enhancer for dessert type mixes… keep your usage below .6% absolute max. .25-.50 for best results.

Much, much smoother, brighter and tastier than the TPA version.

Pumpkin Spice is Top Notch, it plays well with many holiday, bakeries, cookies, I even put it in banana and it was delush !!


Mixing this soon. I checked for Black Currant pairings and found Apple and Strawberry on the list. Trying to get a feel for this BC flavor, it’s new to me and I’ve only used it low in a mix. This looks like the max here. Fingers crossed!


I mixed this up just now I have no clue how its gonna turn out goal is Pumpkin Pie tobacco. Decided to put some TFA Yam in for mouthfeel but at low percentage i don’t want it to be too starchy and it fitted with fall. Will try to repost my toughts on it in a week or two!!


So I mixed Hello Honey (the MF Acacia Honey one above) on August 27. Tried it today. Wow, it’s really good. The intense floral “A” aspects of the MF AH have subsided wonderfully and has let the “H” aspect bloom through while keeping that floral aspect stalking in the background. The other dark buttery notes play well together too. I think I’ll do a tester with a little FA Honey to double down on the honey note next time, and back down the MF Vanilla. But as-is, it worked out pretty dang good!


So I gave the Indian Summer a try after a week steep and am dissapointed. The pumpkin pie is nowhere to be found as a concentrate from Real Flavors this one is either weak or not that great. The juice itself is pretty good Dunhill and Smokey tobbacco mix well with LA’s Bavarian Cream and Cookie Dough brings some kind of maple to the mix.Good liquid just not what i was aiming for.


Sorry to hear about the RFSC PP! I was thinking of picking that up. Plz let me know if it shows up after a few more weeks’ steep.


ive tried that RFSC it has no pumpkin spice to it , a little bit of crust , it actually remind me of the canned pumpkin pie filling , a tad bit of sweetness… id go for anything besides the RFSC


It’s why I just love the pumpkin bread and the spice from flavorah… it is the bomb! <3


Updates on some WIPs I posted in this thread:

1month steep on Winter Orange is awesome :smile:

1 month on Noggin Shaker is tasty, but weak/delicate. Going to boost the egg and spice elements.

1 month on Poor Man’s Pudding is a little too much yeastiness from Baked Bread RFSC, dropping it by 50%, removing Fresh Baked Bread NF. Not quite sweet enough, I have some EM on the way to try. I hear it’s good in bakery recipes.

Anyone have progress to report?


I’ve got some cinnamon roll type mixes in the works, I’ll definitely be checking back in with this thread soon, until then here is my Christmas custard, a fall/winter favorite for me. I will be working on a couple new versions of this too as my taste is becoming more sensitive and I mixed this up a year ago.


This may take some work. Mixing 1st draft on my next session.

It’s a Peppermint Bark Moon Pie with Gingerbread for the Cookie! The Candy Cane and Gingerbread are new, so I’m starting low. Ho-ho-ho!


Made in the aftermath of Thanksgiving.

Needs a little work, but pretty tasty so far.

Anyone have updates from new recipes in this thread?