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Fall & Winter Recipes 2018! (WIP & Favorites)


Time for Spices, Apples, Pies, Pumpkins, Nuts, Nogs & White Chocolate Peppermint Cappuccinos to slowly find there way into our steep chambers! What’s cookin’?

Lots of goodies in here from last year:

Thought a new thread would be nice.

Here’s my first attempt at an Egg Nog. It smells promising!

Edit: Day-3 test is very nice on this Nog! Woohoo!

Seasonal recipe showcase

When it gets raining and cold, this is my first choice http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/94901/Bourbon%20Hot%20Toddy



and fiddlin’ w/ @Amy2 mix ,nice and may try Blueberry next.


I’m still enjoying summer dammit. Thanks Capt. Bringdown! :yum:


My 1st drafts of Nog and Pumpkin Pie will be 4 weeks steeped on Sept 8th! That’s pretty close to Fall, I suppose :wink: Sorry for the reality check! Our kids just went back to school, so it feels like Fall is here, minus the 102 degree heat index last week.


While not my recipe, I’ve been doing a little tweaking with @Alisa’s Dark Bourbon Cream posted here:

When I first made it, all I had in the way of tobacco flavors were TPA’s RY4 and Dark for Pipe(INW) First tried the recipe with RY4(The less said of that the better) and again with the D4P, but getting the percentage of D4P was a bit of a sticky wicket. After dropping it to 0.75% it was good, but a little harsh, so I bit the bullet and ordered the Dark Vapure(FA) that I was missing from the original. There’s just not enough of a tobacco ‘pop’ with the Dark Vapure, so I’ve now got a 50/50 mix of Dark Vapure and Dark for Pipe(Both mixed in at 0.5%) At two weeks, the smell is right so I’m hoping with a couple more weeks that the flavor will be matching. Fingers crossed for a dark, creamy tobacco vape that I can enjoy when the leaves are falling(If they don’t burn off of the trees first…)


Like @TorturedZen I’m not quite ready for cooler weather, but if I’m forced, then maybe this mix will help ease my transition…




This one really looks interesting. Do update with progress on it :slight_smile:


Bloody right, today mix Is stil papaya peach and WS23.
I know we have to think ahead but…:joy:


Eh, VM started last year’s Autumn thread in the middle of July and it was just fine. Had a few of these “too early” comments. But it was ok in the end! Check back when you guys are ready. I can’t start messing with Pumpkin in October and expect it to be finished by Thanksgiving . I ain’t got them kind ah skills!


Too true though… too true…:+1:


With the steep, it is a good time to mix for autumn. And at least in UK ti seems that we have swapped summer for miserable rain. So it might even be a little late.


Love me some Carrot cake, with raisins, pecans !!!
Got the recipe made, smells great, going to wait 2 weeks, probable dip in it tonight.


Reckon Carrot FLV can be swapped with Carrot (SC) (RF) ?


I am sure it can, I have not SFT neither one, just going by other flavor notes, I would give it a try, RF makes some good flavors, I use many, and have many more I have not even cracked the bottle on.


hey, roger that, here in North Carolina it has rained for the past six weeks, grass is growing really well, I got 3 riding mowers, and just bought the wife a push mower cause she wanted one, I don’t do push mowers !!


I mixed this up today and did a finger taste… This mix is good already… probably an SnV… if I was into that, but it tastes well layered with Gingerbread being the top note. The yam and apple also stands out followed by the spices. I’m going to put this up and let it steep a couple weeks and report back after my next taste test.


Going for two different Bread Puddings. I haven’t mixed these up yet, but put “lots” of thought on recipe history and research into them. I’ll mix them soon. Hope they work out!




Good idea to start the cold weather recipes now! @Plunderdrum, your bread pudding recipes made me feel like cracking open the Real Flavors, so I piggy-backed on those flavors in your recipes a little bit. I haven’t made this yet, and I’m not the most well versed RF mixer out there nor am I used to mixing low pg recipes but I thought it would be a good exercise. :slight_smile: It very well could use some (or many) tweaks so if anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears!


That looks tasty! Glad you agree about the cold weather sneaking up on us :smile: keep us updated on how this turns out. If it turns out a little dry, back off of the Cinnamon Roll, it gives me a bit of harshness and I can only use it as a touch of Cinnamon-hint of bakery at really low %s. YMMV, of course!