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Favorite site to buy e-liquid supplies?


I’ve been using nicotine river since I started and I like them, but sometimes it seems like the shipping takes forever!! I haven’t really looked around too much, but I was wondering what others use. I’m looking for good quality, good pricing and good shipping times. :):grin:


If its not nicotine and only flavors, I use bullcity flavors, their pricing is good in my opinion and shipping ultra quick.


Yeah I’m looking for nicotine too, but I’ve been thinking about trying out Bull City. I see alot of people on here using it.


After I found a few flavors that nicriver didn’t carry I switched to bullcity for anything flavor related. Shipping is always fast, & orders are processed fast also. I still use nicriver for VG/PG and Nicotine though.


I use both, Bull City Flavors and Nicotine River because sometimes one will have a flavor I want and the other one doesn’t. I buy all my nic from NR, though. I just make sure I can wait 6-10 days for it to get here when I order.


None of you guys said where you’re living. Not even the OP! But I worked it out. USA , right?

C’mon. not everybody lives in the USA :rofl:. Please don’t assume. I’m British , BTW and you don’t wanna know where I buy my nic supplies, do you? Postage would be astronomical.


Yes. It’s all in the details and inferring on the content. If one normally uses NR. Generally it’s a us person. If there is a reference to chefs or darkstar I tend to think uk.

But back on topic. Yup. Bull city for fast shipping. Ecx is pretty fast as well, but the website is slow.


BullCity Vapors, Ecigexpress, Gremlin DIY
But I always look to Nicotine River first :+1:


Sadly, last time i checked out Darkstar’s site, it looked like they’'re very very serious about towing the line re. TDP regs (and can’t blame 'em! ) . Their 72 mg nicotine base is now only available in industrial quantities to actual businesses. If you’er just an average Joe , you can only get 20 mg nicotine shots in 10ml bottles as per the fecking stupid regs.

Fortunately, I didn’t actually need to order any. i was just curious. i still have a freezer full of the proper stuff. But it’s bloodty sad for new mixers , and bloody sad for us all, in the long run, unless out government ditches the TPD regs once we leave the EU (fingers crossed!)

Point is really, if anyone in Britain or the rest of the EU is still managing to purchase proper nic base anywhere , they’ll prolly keep it zipped, to protect their supplier.

But my original point was that i really think that these kinda threads could benefit from a (USA) or whatever in the title, or at least the OP., cos it’s much too dependant on where in the world you live. I’ve never yet seen the Americans do that, though. It’s as if they assume that people live in America, by default.


If they’re going to do anything, they’ll make it stricter so keep hoping nothing’s going to change.
I agree with higher % being cheaper and easier to work with and stock, but just have a look at South Africa or places in the US where there are flavor bans. Things can get a lot worse…


What she said …

Truth be told, it’s probably a majority of Americans on the site, but that doesn’t mean this is not a global website.


I have had success with nicotine river, bull city flavors and liquid barn!


I have had good luck with those three also


Well… we buy from Chef’s and Vapour discount don’t we??? To have them deliver in Italy it’s a bit expensive but I think that both are the best in Europe for availability and speed, probably VD wee bit more expensive with delivery charges… but there again, can’t have everything can’t we?
Anyone else in EU?


I buy from Chefs and Rainbow vapes and also juicefactory, they are in AU but the shipping is reasonable.
You can still get proper nic at pinkmule.


Thank you @Josephine_van_Rijn Josephine for your comments, and thanks for Pink mule, I’ve bought it bulk from Avoria before the TPD and put it in the fridge, I buy from them for my son… (I’m not giving him mine…:joy: he’s an adult now :joy:)
Did you know that in Italy they obscured their site ??? … No comment… I’ve found an “alternative” way… his account is alive and they still deliver here… received it last week… :+1:

Never tried Rainbow, will do next time! Cheers love.


:rage: Bastards!

I’ve got some FLV from there, they are cheaper than Chefs :+1:


Noticed that!! and thank you I knew them but never really bought from them, but they got all I usually buy, will do next time, just have to see their delivery charges, but they’ll be in line with all others, thanks for the hint!


I’ve yet to dive in the world of medecin flower (still looking for a budget to buy a good few in 1 go) but i already think my fav place for that will be rawliving.eu


Lol yes, I’m from the U.S. Thanks for pointing that out. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that lol