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Favourite Fried Ice Cream Recipe


I’d probably try CAP Glazed Doughnut in a recipe like that; it’s got a pretty decent ‘fried’ taste without a lot of ‘over-surgariness’. As always, YMMV.


Thanks mill for the input. I agree about the Zeppola. it’s a real marmite flavour. A previous mix, which I had thought was meh , after a forgotten steep turned out suprsingly well.

For the fried effect, I used FA Joy @.75. Not as overpoweing as FA zeppola. My mate tasted this recipe, which I had abandoned, and really liked it.

It uses strawberry ripe to sweeten ( ethyl maltol) and sugar cookie for the sweet butteriness. Also as I don’t like cinnamon per se, but I found Cap Graham Cracker V2 @ 0.5 % provides a little spiciness. I was suprised as i’m “pepper taster”. But works well in this recipe in not having to use cinnamon.


Thanks Great idea! it’s on my shoping list. What about Cap Churro? I heard that’s good.


I love FW Graham cracker for it’s coconut accents. Amazing in cookies too. FA cookie@ 2 /FW Graham cracker 1.5 /Sugar cookie @ 2.5 with 2% Flv Vanilla pudding tastes just like a Golden Oreo.


Sorry, never tried that. Probably should.


Lol I hear you on that! I hope you find the missing link for your ice cream recipe!


Cheers Galactico! the quest is never ending, there’s always another rabbit hole waiting round the corner


All I get from Joy is yeast. So I stay well away from that :slight_smile: