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FDA looking to ban online sales


Welcome to my world. This sucks big time.


Gottlieb, you were supposed to save us, not join the dark side?

I know we would be years from it affecting us on the diy side, but I wonder what protocols if any, could be input to stop parents from buying stuff for their kids. He DID say that it’s healthier or more healthy than smoking, and that he would like folks to vape instead of smoke, but that and then the tariffs increase coming next year.

I guess it was fun while it lasted? order stuff while you can and hunker down…its gonna be a long night


I wonder what they have done all these years from stopping kids from getting cigarettes?


i was just telling my GF that its time to start buying mods and tanks and putting them away b4 we are forced to pay BnM prices … i couldnt imagine going back to buying at those prices … also the B&M stores dont sell what i like typically


There’s a smok here a smok there. Everybody gots a smok. Lol.


Don’t you need a CC to buy stuff online? Don’t you need to be 18 to get a CC?


well, a lot of shop employees are admitting to parents coming in to buying stuff, and a direct relation that they know they are giving it to their kids… but eh, I guess morals is something that isn’t contagious,

they can get the parents to order it and eh, depends I guess


Shop employees will keep on doing that, that’s not online sales of vape ware.
The govt can’t protect kids from their parents very well, they have a terrible track record worldwide. A parent can also go out and buy booze for their kids, who’s to stop them?

The reason behind a ban on online sales (just like where I live), is that children are not supposed to be able to buy online. A shop employee is responsible for checking age, just like with other adult stuff that’s meant for adults. The basic flaw here is that children shouldn’t have any possibility to buy stuff online anyways. Parents should be the ones with the payment cards.
What’s next, are they going to ban cars because a kid may get behind the wheel?

The FDA is shows that it wants to continue having a war with the vape industry. They don’t want it AT ALL and will do everything within their might to make it as hard as possible for people to get their gear. Let’s keep everyone smoking, it’s much better for the govt’s finances. More taxes and people dying earlier (less pensions to pay).


I have only ever found one mod in a B&M that i liked. They mostly seem to sell ego Cigalikes and joytech. I never seen any of the cooler mods in a brick store. almost never anything besides the bottom line Smoktech and kangertech, some Asipre tanks


my local place has voopoo , smoant the minis , smok , and a few more but they are crazy expensive


the cheapest mod i have ever seen was 75. and that was for a istick 40w tc back in the day. most go for anywhere from 90 to 150. at least here


Did that 2 years ago. That was actually perfect timing for me. I prefer the older MTL / low power gear, and single 18650 mods. At that time, online vendors were clearing that stuff out, as the sub ohm gear was really taking off. I just kept watching the clearance sales and built up enough of a stash to last until I kick the bucket.

I kind of miss the fun of the hunt, grabbing the clearance stuff. Other than a few flavors, I haven’t purchased any new gear in almost 2 years.

Bring it on Gottlieb, you money grubbing shitweasel.


Where is the justice?
Lets hope the FDA will see some reason:
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