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FDA Vaping News and Articles


So ive seen a lot of threads with articles started , i figure why dont we keep it in a dedicated thread where we could post the article and chat about it … heres one i seen today . The title could be changes if needed

@woftam @Silhouette @Ken_O_Where maybe you could merge any related here or just future ones that are started in a individual thread


It would help when searching , perhaps this or one dedicated to FDA. I am not concerned about the false science articles involving health “issues” but FDA regulations do as it should many vapers, not only americans since many countries model what they do.
Edit: :man_facepalming: opps forgot why i commented, it was to suggest FDA in the title of the topic


those articles irk the hell out of me , but i do like to know what others are saying so when someone comes up to me i can discredit the bullshit lol , but yes i hate those articles as well


I don’t see why they should all be combined in 1 thread. Those articles are usually about different topics and a different topic deserves a new thread. It will also get a bit confusing when people start catching up on a thread, pitch in their ideas when 3 or 4 other articles have followed … just my 2 cents.
A thread specific about FDA makes sense, because it’s usually about the same topic.


its not a rule know one said they had to be in one thread , post vaping articles individually if you want ill post them here .


Is that peanut butter cup or vape lmao


I like the idea, and yeah some of the news articles are getting just downright ridiculous, my husband showed me one where it was warning of college kids using devices meant to look like USB sticks, only they were talking about a pod system that doesn’t even look like a USB.


They are good for a chuckle once in a while tho. Perhaps a thread entitled news trash can that we can “open” and “dig thru” if we choose to while FDA and other type news that require reactions or involvements in a separate that we choose to track.


ya a lot of the stuff is crazy , super srupid as a matter of fact , ive had my neighbor come up to me and spout out some bullshit he read so from that point on ive tried to even read the silly shit because i had no response besides " Are fucking serious ? while your smoking a cigarette your gonna warn me about vaping " excuse my language lol


now thats a sound idea , one i could jump on board with could you create the trash one ?? and maybe @Silhouette could merge the PB post to it ?


When i said that i didnt realize exactly how big of a trash can would actually be needed


oh boy its a monster one lol but a lot is repeated trash lmao we could call it Fake Vape News


Oh my gawsh I love it! That’s perfect.


Now to round up all the threads! Hahahaha


will nicotine be next ?? or will they ban flavors first


A couple of things:

First the link to the WSJ ‘paywall’ is kind of a pain in the ass, just google FDA Caffeine Regulation, and you will have better luck researching the subject.

But, secondly, you are right on to bring this subject up. Because It reveals the overall use of “kids” as the marketing weapon of choice by the “big-pharma-FDA industrial complex”… This is a up close look at the page right out of the play-book at the FDA, and will soon be applied to Nic.

Here is a link to the blatant marketing being done by the FDA on things that are supposed to be dispassionate well documented medial science. The FDA has now adopted using scare tactic, sound bite special interest, specialty marketing images and ad material to accomplish goals that only benefit big business, and have nothing what so ever to do with their responsibility of protecting public health.

It is just mind boggling but see this FDA link. Caffeine and Kids:


thank for contributing , @DrChud brought this to my attention , as far as the fda goes they are driving me crazy , i used to get prescribed opiates and after some time became dependent on them , keep in mind i only took what was prescribed then a friend introduced me to a natural herb called kratom , this is used for pain and has helped many people come off of opiates and recently the fda has been trying to ban it , and since they started really going after it all of a sudden there are multiple deaths related to it and the headlines blame kratom but forget to add that the people who died also had other types of controlled substances in their system , anyway its an example of the fda and what they do when something foesnt fit their agenda or is taking away from Big T and Big P


have you read this yet?

Background on one of the people who made January’s study what it is… read this interesting take.

“Mailman School environmental health scientist Ana Navas-Acien, one of the report’s expert authors, says producing it was a challenge, as the devices are still relatively new—both as an emerging technology and area of research.”

“The Food and Drug Administration, which commissioned the report, has regulated e-cigarettes since 2016 under the broad category of “tobacco products” and calls them “electronic nicotine delivery systems.” The committee, instead, chose the term “e-cigarettes,” reflecting the fact that some use the devices for flavored “e-juices” free of nicotine.”



AND READ THIS: from last summer, ecig users 50% more likely to quit that non-ecig users.




FDA and FTC team up to stop branding that is geared towards children , but how far will they go ? will companies be apple to put a picture of a bowl of strawberries covered in cream ?