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February's Mix this Mix thread


So as this is me im going to kick this thing off with a custard mix.

Did you really expect different? hehe.

I chose this as any berry combination can be used and there are a wide variety of flavorings that can be used to make this, we also have a few extra days this month as this is Jan/Feb thread.

Summer Berry Custard Squares

(Thank you for the inspiration, leppfarmmarket)


2 ¼ cups flour
⅓ cup ground almonds
⅓ cup sugar
⅓ cup brown sugar, packed
1 cup butter, cold, diced

1 ½ cup diced strawberries
1 cup raspberries
2 large eggs
½ cup sugar
¼ cup flour
2 Tbsp. ground almonds
½ cup whipping cream
1 tsp. pure vanilla extract

-Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
-Stir together all ingredients except butter in mixing bowl. Add butter and work with fingertips until crumbly. Reserve 2 cups of mix for topping, and firmly press remaining mixture into an ungreased 9 inch or 11 x 7 inch baking pan.
-Bake 15 minutes. Remove from oven, and while still hot, top crust with berries in an even layer.
-Whisk together remaining filling ingredients and pour over berries.
-Sprinkle with remaining 2 cups of the crust mixture. Bake until golden brown and set, 35-40 minutes.
-Cool completely before cutting and refrigerate leftovers.


So lets get to the rules.

  1. Make some berry custard bars using what ever flavorings you have/like.

  2. Post your mix/mixes.

  3. See rules 1&2


Another member, @Volition, suggested that we might have a second or alternative Mix to Mix and that suggestion is:

It will use some of the same flavorings but wont require as much curing time.

We all know what time it is…

Shall we play a game?

I’m on a mission!


great choice and btw ty for the new dessert recipe ill be making in the kitchen as well


Woot I am in like Flynn. I will come up with something hopefully when my new flavors come in. I have ideas.


Custard mix hmmm I havnt played with custard yet I’m still single flavor testing but my inexperience with flavors (not mixing, I know a bit about that) may yield something great so why not… I’m in! Probably won’t get a mix together until this weekend but I will give it a shot





I have two others but something went wrong during mixing, turned off too many brain cells, furthers attempts put off until tomorrow.


I see similar flavors lol

Who is going to mix them all and test them and judge them or are we just bouncing ideas and seeing different mixing styles?


Curious - is this for tried and tested mixes or what? If mixed today most won’t be ready to judge till end of Feb.


My sentiments exactly from what I hear of custards… But I’m still going to throw something together and let it sit… Might work out wounderfully… I’m pretty sure it is supposed to be a new mix something we have not done before… Since I am a complete newb to custards I am going to give it a shot anyway :slight_smile:


I don’t have any Almond so this will probably be more berries and cream with a little cookie. And I have no idea what the heck I’m doing.


Flavor total 8.75%


do you have marzipan ??? it cld be used instead of the almonds or with


No, afraid not. I don’t have much, maybe 37 flavors or so. But I did want to at least try something.


where do you live ( states ) ???


This is for new mixes but this wont end when the next month starts as we are just having some fun. I mixed up a couple different recipes with the same or similar flavorings.

My hope is that the prize will be knowledge.

I was thinking that perhaps two similar mixed could be done in a month, another member suggested we could also do a Pavlova this month as they would use some of the same flavorings and wont take an entire month to cure.

What do all y’all think?


I LOVE pavlova…if that recipe could be pinned I’d be ALL over that :ok_hand:


I put the link in the OP but i dont feel comfortable posting recipes from allrecipes because of this: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2017

I made it bold to make it more scarier!


Yes. North Carolina.


I hid behind a cushion and everything…(shudders)…


Interesting article as it would apply to any recipes here as well I think.

Bold type scary as is holds no weight :grinning: