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FED UP | E-Cig Forum Founder Rakes FDA Over Crackdown



These ads remind me of the good old Killer Mary Jane scare ads. People drowning at beaches because they smoked a joint and more of such nonsense.


yea FDA trying to scare the hell out of everyone, and looks like they did a great job, FDA crooked ass motha fukers


I couldn’t even make it to the 30 SECOND mark before I was PISSED.


Imagine what that could do for the homeless, or disabled vets., or…

So much for “draining the swamp”. :roll_eyes:


Just a minor direct deposit from the tobacco companies into the FDA account.


These scum politicians are fucking with my well being, my health. I don’t take that lightly. May God have mercy on their souls.


There fixed it


The phrase “enemies foreign or domestic” comes to mind.


Or at least Know your enemy’s.


The FDA fed government and big tobacco are pissed that they are losing so much money on the MSA that they are spending millions on the scare tactics. It will fail just like the DARE campaign of the 90’s or the just say no campaign.


At least those campaigns targeted something potentially dangerous…


Yeah but they were as well as the new FDA crap all politically motivated. They would have worked a lot better if it was bi partisan. The FDA is getting paid by BT and its a shame.


Oh, yeah, with ol’Nancy dancing to the tune of “Crack is WHACK!” while G.Bush and the CIA were shoveling coke into inner America by the plane-load. Good times, good times…