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Finally ready to share my work


I’ve been mixing for a while and finally have some recipes that I think are pretty solid. I’ve gotten some good feedback from a couple of folks at work who vape, so I’ve finally gotten them to the point where I’m ready to try and give back to the community here and share them. If anyone decides to give them a shot, I’d love to get your feedback good or bad so I can try to improve.

Here’s a link to the ones I just made public: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/list?filter=123968


Are they working for you ??? if they are then nothing is wrong with them . The only thing anyone can do is say what they would change . Ill give you an example in one of your recipe you have TPA sweet cream at 8pct , ive never used it that high and believe you could lower it drastically and get better use out of that flavor , but ive never taken it that high so how would i know that . My only critique would be that some of your percentages look a bit high for my PERSONAL USE


@adam51 Damnit! I’m short at least one flavor for each of your recipes. They all sound tasty in my brain and I’m sure you’ll get some feedback soon. On the 8% Sweet Cream (TPA)… lots of recipes look crazy but taste great. I’m drawn to these in general because there’s always a lesson in there. Might have to pick up those missing flavs and give South of Heaven a try. With SC (TPA) that high it sounds like a main flavor note and it could be killer …who doesn’t like sweet creamy vapes?

The one thing you left off was Steep Times. I’d also predict something with that much cream might need a few weeks in the closet. I do have a fav Custard that I SnV, yet it steeps out to a different profile in 4 weeks …but it never gets that chance. So? Are these Shake n Vapes or several weeks to perfection?

My only advice, listen to any critique …even complaints are difficult to get. Cheers!


@fidalgo_vapes Thanks for the reply. They work for me as they are and I’m totally cool with people offering suggestions on things they would change. For example, if 10 people were to say TPA Sweet Cream at 8% is high for them and they like it around 5% in their recipes, it would be worth trying to see if I notice the change or maybe even like it better.

@BoDarc I haven’t really been tracking my steep times so I didn’t have good notes to include on them. As a general rule, I usually let everything I make sit around for a couple of weeks before I get around to trying them, so I couldn’t add SnV results: X 5 day results: Y 3 week results: Z like some other recipes I’ve seen contain. I’ll definitely pay more attention to my steeps and will be sure to include that info in the future. I do enjoy custards, so if you’d be willing to share the SnV custard you like I’d love to give it a shot. Thanks!


BTW i really like the combo of fruits you ised i. the first one on your page i may have to steal that combo lol


They all looked good to me. You even got the naming conventions correct, which is huge in my book!! :+1::+1:


@adam51 I would have to agree with @fidalgo_vapes


@adam51, as I’m sure you’ve read plenty of times, " tastes are subjective ". A couple of your recipes are REALLY close to a couple of mine. I think your ingredients & %s are right on! If you are satisfied with your achievements, NOTHING else matters. Good job man !


@adam51, by the way, what part of KY are you in?


I’m in Louisville.


from a former thrash metal head I love the slayer theme you got going on with the names


In the 2nd recipe I see you bump the graham crust to a whopping 8% (something), does the creams mellow it out?

No matter what, I’m gonna make a batch :smiley:

You’ve got a new follower, keep it up.


Just curious, I’m in Central Indiana but I think Every other person in Rowan & Carter counties KY. is related to my Wife. Haha


Thanks for sharing your art with us


I initially was trying regular Cheesecake and Graham Cracker separately, but it wasn’t working the way I had hoped. Decided to try the Cheesecake/Graham and I liked it more, but the cheesecake was a little weak so I added some regular TPA Cheesecake. The flavor was good, but it felt a little thin - I think the two creams help give it a little more body.


Ok I just made this public…


Looks good! I notice you have 2 dx flavors in there. One is tpa pb dx which is said to be one of the better peanut butters around, apparently diifers from the original version but in a Positive way. My question is … is the tpa dx banana cream also very good or could i get away with using a different banana if i dont have it?


Yeah you could sub as always but it seems the two DX flavors are almost made for each other and the Banana adds a solid layer that is light yet enjoyable. I’m a big fan of Banana Cream (LA) but that didn’t work as a SnV and wanted to take over. Perhaps Bano (Banana) (TPA)?


Thanks for sharing! I’ve got non-DX versions of the PB and banana, but I’ll definitely put those on the shopping list for my next order and give this a try.