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Finally receved my Sqounker


My%20KangertechFinally after waiting 27 days my KangerTech Drip Box 160 Sqounker arrived !


So why are you showing us a picture of your computer monitor!? :rofl:


Welcome to the Squonk Gang :smiley:


Thanks I love it already !


lol click on it the pic uploaded way to big lol I’m going to cut the size down


I know, just giving you a “HARD” time buddy.


Yay! You’re in the dripping box club! :joy:


I see you have the SS 160 ( I have 3 ) just watch how you put in your batteries because the SS one can scratch up your battery wraps :wink:


Yay! finally it’s awesome nothing like a dripping box


I think it is SS I did notice when I put in the second battery it felt a little tight I’m going to pull them out and check them right no thanks!


The batteries look fine no scratching (yet)


I know lol


The Black and the white 160’s didn’t do it but the SS for some reason would
You have to take off all stickers and just be careful


I will Thanks Rib


I have a SS 160 and I’ve never had problems with wraps tearing on me with it. I know that has been reported though with the SS model. Enjoy your DB160!!!


I have Wings
Do the coils HAVE to be spaced in this mod?


Nope they don’t need to be spaced. Some people will recommend that spaced coils work better for TC though. In my experience with the DB160 it really didn’t do temp control all that well. Just learned to live with it in wattage mode.


If I can recommend something to you. Get a nother dropper with a bottom feed pin. In all honesty that one that came with sucks. I got better flavor off the goon. The other thing is that it will take some time to get the hang of. Be careful of dry hits and over squonking. Or over filling. Just my learning curve.


Agreed. Building the coils high on the deck inline with airflow slots does help a bit with the stock RDA though.


Thanks I was big into TC but not anymore I ask that because of a You Tube Video I saw the guy said to make sure you space the coils