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Finger taste testing... Anyone into this method?


Now we’re into the meat of FTs. When it’s chemically how these pan out from your experience?


Is this something you’ve tested or what you think?


It’s what I think BECAUSE of having tested and done it :wink:


I can respect that. It might just be me because it works for me most of the time. Hopefully it will work for some others also.


I don’t finger test (that’s a lie - I once did a FT of TPA Sour just for giggles). I do smell test new concentrates and new mixes though to try and gauge if it’s where I’m expecting it to be at.


Made the mistake once, well maybe a couple of times! Of FT concentrate straight from the bottle! Aaarrgghhhh!
So steer clear of that method!
My FT is when it is getting mixed and through time,trial and error,I find I can find the missing link or when a flavour needs upped or downed.
As I said not bullet proof but it does give me a fair indication where it’s headed


Just from my FT experiences more often than not a strong concentrate with a good FT usually pans out to be a good concentrated flavor. Weaker flavors with a good FT usually is good but needs a higher % or might get easily overpowered by stronger flavors. Chemically tasting flavors usually end up that way for me (not very accurate most of the time).

This might help explain why I personally like real extracts or more concentrated flavors that’s close the actual flavor IMO.

This method will not work for everyone, but it might help some.

In case you’re wondering if this post or thread is some off the cuff nonsense. It’s been something I’ve invested a couple years testing. Although it’s different from some members tasting methods It really does help get a better understanding of concentrates and mixes. The best I’ve heard it said is… At some point it becomes automatic.


i do it though it’s not 100% accurate to check it…
some flavors taste kinda different when vaped
you can’t predict the strength of flavor when it will be vaped
if the nic strength is too high you will just get a burn on your tongue or something and not so much of the flavors you added in your mix…


The flavors burn my tongue when I’ve tried this. Not literally, but unpleasant enough to not want to keep doing it, unfortunately. I just have to wait, and use my nose for a hint of how it’s turning out.


Sometimes straight flavor to the tongue is spicy and sometimes it’s good. For when it is spicy, I would have to say it’s a 50% chance that it will not taste as good in the final mix.


50\50 is my experience. I ruin a lot of coils Vape testing, but so be it. All part of the process😃


I develop all of my recipes in a few ml of water and do a sip test. eg 2 drops A + 3 drops B + 1 drop C = Crap > start again > 1 drop of A + 1 drop B + 3 drops c = delicious > Mix it up, recipe = A 1%, B 1%, C 3%. I reckon its a bloody good way to find ratios that play nicely, even if it does’t translate to vape flavor perfectly.


I’m kind of a wackadoo in this respect… I really enjoy tasting a tiny amount of every flavor I get. Sometimes it’s horrible, most times it’s just extremely strong. It gives me an idea about strenght of the concentrate but actually, I just like to do it.
Ps. It took me hours to get Fresh mint (INW) out of my mouth…


I use a 10ml bottle cut in half to add a drop of each flavour I want to pair together for testing how they are going to react with one another, obviously by the time you add PG/VG the flavour is going to dilute down but you can easily tell which flavour is going to be the dominant one this way and if they work together or not.

I also finger taste every flavour I buy because I have had incorrect flavours sent to me in the past, for example, I ordered Golden Pineapple (labelled as such) and got a lemon flavour instead.


I do the “drop” test of straight concentrate now and again. Usually only when I’m in a time crunch and my curiosity gets the best of me with a new concentrate I’m not familiar with.

With that being said, it’s definitely not the best method of understanding the flavor as you will almost always get nasty off-notes as it’s undiluted. However, it can give you a rough idea of the profile if you can get around the astringent/chemicalness of the technique. Doing this can also show you what to be aware of at higher percentages if you intend in using it as a primary flavor or forward note. Makes it pretty easy to pick out the threshold of that specific concentrate within a mix you’re working on.


I ALWAYS taste the mix by licking the whisk mixer foot which initially tells me many things; dominant flavor, pairing score, sweetness, etc. Then I write it to my notebook. Once juice steep time elapsed I taste it again, write down all about it and compare to initial observation. At the end I can talk about certain flavor persistence, quality, flavors blend, etc. And of course, tell the difference between how the juice tastes and how it feels when vaped.

I don’t think that tasting such small amounts of flavors in mix may have a larger health impact than vaping 3ml of juice at a time. Just look at the ingredients of the processed food you eat every day.


I always finger test taste the flavor concentrates but not the recipes. Once the nic is in there I don’t taste it because it gives me hiccups! LOL


Been mixing 3+ years, I tongue tasted once, and got chemical backlash like a mother fac-

I don’t know how or what folks look for, but I tasted chemical on like 4 flavors. not for me. I give it a good whiff though


One thing I’ve learned from FTs that might really contribute to my use of extracts. Most extracts doesn’t contain added chemicals and offer a real natural taste when compared to synthetic flavors. Another brand that has a natural taste IMO is some SC RFs. I’ve gotten really good results from FTs with the RF SC line.

I’ll probably get blown up for my next statement, but a lot synthetic flavors aren’t engineered very well and really adds to most of the chemical, burning taste some people get from them. I’ve experienced this myself and it’s one reason I don’t use much of some of these brands.


eh, I’ve gotten it from a variety of companies, CAP, TFA, LA, and FA but eh, to say those companies aren’t engineered well, the #'s might disprove that theory but taste receptors are eh.