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Finger taste testing... Anyone into this method?


just tried, I will admit in the past, I was straight dripping it onto my tongue haha, now it went on finger to mouth

FW- Fruity Flakes, light taste of flakes
FA- Cookie- bakery taste
NF- Peanut Butter, couldn’t taste peanut butter, tasted like alcohol and cement glue

now I taste cough syrup and my tongue is numb haha

i’m not brand loyal to just one flavor though, and RF has had good shots, and then bad shots, and their advertising sections in the past has been shoddy and misleading.


I don’t mean to imply that every flavor they make sucks. Just that experiences with a lot of them led me to pursue better options that worked for me and a finger taste helped me find them.


A friend paid $25 to attend a workshop at a local vape shop. He told of a taste test. A single flavor cream had been pre-mixed. People vaped it from some Evod “pens”. Standard 3.8 volts on 2.0 ohm coils, 50/50 PG/VG, no NIC. Didn’t know what the flavor percent was.

The same people then tounge tested 5 different cream concentrates and were asked to identify which one was in the vape. Friend said they dipped a finger in water, put a flavor drop on that, and applied to tounge. He said it was complete failure. Ten people in the workshop, only one got it right, and even he said it was a wild guess. Couldn’t really tell.


Ugh, God - Hell no! Diluted in water only.


Haha! This is why I could never recommend tasting the straight concentrate. It will fry your tongue. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that doing so repeatedly could cause permanent damage to your taste buds. (For fuck’s sake don’t tell the FDA!) I mean, there’s a reason why Bullcity and many other flavor sites put a warning “This is concentrated flavoring and must be diluted before use!” In BOLD RED LETTERS. Sure, there are a few people who do this and it works for them, that’s great for them but it seems illogical to claim this is the best method for testing. Has anyone here ever tried a few drops of McCormick Vanilla Extract just because it smells like heaven? Yeah, enough said, lol.

The most logical course, although mundane, is test it like you intend to use it. Many times tasting in water or finger tasting the finished juice can give a good idea about the flavor but it’s never as accurate as vaping it in the same device you intend to vape it with for the long run. The room temp liquid can be very different from the warm vapor. Warmth can bring out aspects that won’t show up other wise.

I’m not trying to say anyone is right or wrong, we all have our own methods that will work for us and maybe for others or maybe not for others. It’s all a very individual process.


If I remember correctly it don’t taste to good… mental note don’t ever do that again . But that was 20 yrs ago


You don’t do that? I finger test EVERYTHING.


This wasn’t claimed anywhere in this thread or at least not by me…


Let me guess, It all tastes like butter.:grin:


I feel like I should contribute some input to this thread now that I commented. Lol

I actually do finger test everything (or close to). Flavors and mixed recipes. The flavors get a teensy drop on top of my fingernail to get a general idea of the taste. (Yes, this has been quite unpleasant from time to time.) SF testing in an actual mix is much more accurate though. For mixes I’ll taste a drop or two. For the most part this doesn’t usually give me a super accurate idea of what the actual vape will be like but it usually is pretty good at telling me how strong the overall flavor level of the vape will be. If the finger test is weak, more often than not the final vape will be on the weak side too. Other than that, finger testing for me is mostly because I’m impatient and curious, but nothing beats actually vaping a finished mix.


Most of it does.


So many ways I could take that, would any of them be wrong? :joy:

This is understandable. The few times I fried my taste buds with a straight concentrate, it was probably one of the stronger flavors. No matter how small of a drop I thought it was, it was way too much. I couldn’t even taste my coffee until the next day, lol.

With a finished tester of something new, I do sometimes try a little drop just out of curiosity. It’s usually a ball park idea of sweetness or tartness but I’ve been surprised at the complex aspects that show up in the actual vape.


I used to lick the spoon every time. I actually like the taste of straight vanilla extract. LOL

But as to tasting flavors straight? I usually don’t get anything other than burn. Maybe sometimes a slight notion of what it’s supposed to be, but it doesn’t work for me. Neither does testing in water. Capella recommends testing in cool whip, but I haven’t tried that yet. I just mix up SF testers and do that. I do sometimes try a drop or two of mixed SF straight (I usually don’t mix SF with nic). Usually just tastes like candy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Quite a few flavors that didn’t work out for me as a vape have been really good for adding a few drops to tea or sprite. I could see them working well as flavoring for oral tinctures too although I haven’t gotten around to mixing them that way yet.


I’ve only done a FT with a concentrate once at the request from @Lolly for RY4 Double. I didn’t find the experience pleasant at all. Previous to that, and still, I was/am overly cautious that concentrates don’t touch my skin at all. I am afraid the smell won’t go away for days so I avoid contact.

Odd, I know.


That’s the same with me; I usually can’t get a good feel for the potential vape from the taste test because it’s really strong.

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I always finger test mixed juice, and usually will taste raw ingredients, with the ingredients I don’t use a whole drop but just kinda allow a slight smear of the liquid on a knuckle to taste.