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Finger taste testing... Anyone into this method?


There is not enough controversy in this thread so I submit the following reply:

I’m (not) Dead serious, I find it hard to believe anyone would condone or suggest to students of mixology to ingest, even in small quantities, a toxic substance. E-liquid is not intended to be consumed by drinking it. I believe the flavors can be tested by mixing it into a volume of water, smell it and swish a bit in your mouth to allow the taste buds to experience the flavor, then spit and rinse your mouth out.
source of information, Dioscorides:

Mr Dioscorides is an animal killer, I refuse to be one of his experiments to make e-liquid :slight_smile:


Let my friends lick the stir bar retriever after mixing up some 50/50 butterscoth(FW) @ 10% 0 nic.


I volunteer… @Pro_Vapes


one more bad joke…


Always, as soon as I unpack my vape mail I smell and taste a drop or two. I do it with everything, even flavor enhancers (although I won’t recommend to FT enhancers to others, they’re usually not very nice but I’m just curious). Then I move on to mix small single flavor samples for vape tests.
I know FT or even smell doesn’t paint the whole picture but if gives a good idea about what to expect from the flavor profile and strength of the flavor.
If you can’t stand the alcohol taste from the concentrate, use a drop in a teaspoon of water and taste it that way.

Longevity of flavors is always hard to gauge unless you actually mix it up and see where it gets you. That’s what e-liquid development is all about imo. flavor tests are just to get to know the flavor profile, it won’t tell you either how it will react with other flavors.


I add drops of flavor into my coffee
but for the most part…


:rofl: Ain’t he just?

Thanks! :smiley: The other pic was a year old. Figured I should update it.

(P.S. Sorry for the late reply! School started back up this semester. It’s gonna be a doozy. :flushed: )


Sprite --Yes! another good idea for “alternative” flavor use! Good call. Thx for that @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit


I have juice that tastes so good on the finger that I want to drink it but it rarely tastes like that when vaping. Only once did I finger taste a concentrate and I won’t do it again, blech! But I can see how some, like RF, NF might taste good off the finger.

I like KOW’s idea of rubbing some on the back of the hand for an olfactory test. I may add some water to that, though. I do think the sense of smell is a good indicator of what you’re looking for. Afterall, we use it when cooking food. On the other hand (NPI), inhaling into your lungs isn’t exactly the same as chewing and swallowing. But I like your question and have often wondered myself.


I’m just curious if this method has been successful to more users since this thread was originally posted?


I just never get the same vape as I get from a FT. I wish I did because I usually like the FT better…


Do you get a round about sense of the flavor or mix FT’ed


Sometimes I’ll taste a finger before I throw the whole person on the grill.


What portion of a person do you FT… a finger taste from the rear won’t taste too good!


I do. That does give me a good feel for what to expect. Sometimes I’ve found it helpful because since it’s so concentrated, things that don’t work well stand out very clearly, and I can sense that it probably isn’t a great combination before I atomize it, verify it, and feel the sting of disappointment.


The fingers themselves. Little sample morsels.


You’re starting to spook me S.O. aka Jeffery Dahmer!


You have got to be the last one to the party. What took you so long?


BOT… (back on track), have you tried finger tasting eliquids?


Not with any great success. They don’t translate well for me. I do better by making a couple of batches of draino while I change things up and it will eventually turn into juice.