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First recipe test


What kind of device are you vaping the juice in?


Alien 220. Have the baby beast and the tfv12.


In my opinion the PG is too high. Though the PG is your flavor carrier that juice is super thin. I was thinking you might be vaping on a clearo.

Mix up a few 10ml test samples @ 70VG/30PG and try an 80VG/20PG. Use around 5% flavoring as single flavors and let them steep in a dark cool cabinet for 2-3 weeks and test them then.

Just my 2 pennies.


Was worried about the VG being too high. Thought that high was only for drippers. I’ll try it.


After I get this down, I am going to tackle coil building.


70/30 is very common for subohming. I use as high as 85/15 in most of my RTAs with good success. Normally I am at the 80/20 range, anything higher than that in PG gives me a bit of chest tightness.


Im new to diy…in the receipes part how do i calculate my concentrate flavour as too a flavour that is already mixed with vg/pg


Figured this out on my own, flavoring is mixed with something. Most cases it is PG. I was making a big mistake of going more pg than VG.


The ELR calculator takes into account that your flavors are based in PG. It will automatically adjust the amounts of extra PG and/or VG that you need to add based on how much total flavor % you have.