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First recipe test


Does the flavor have a base of VG or PG? How does that calculate into the formula? Feel free to move this thread if it is a repeat. I tried my first with a strawberry clear and 80PG 20VG at 3% nic. Shake and bake and not really much flavor.


Need more info, what brand, flavor, what percentage flavor?


All from the DIY kit. Loran strawberry colorless. 2ml of flavor in a 30ML total.


So 6.69 % that should be enough, have you added your flavors to your stash? That way you can see what others think of them, and how strong to mix them, also what if any issues people have had with them.



I think that’s the next thing I need to do. Thank you!


No problem, lor Ann does have some good flavors but remember they are made for cooking not vaping so we can use some of them but others are off limits for different reasons, oils and other stuff you don’t want to vape. That being said there are quite a few companies that sell diy kits, liquid barn, nic river, bull city flavors real flavors, To name a few. The ones I have mentioned are all great companies to get stuff from. Some others are not as scrupulous and will sell stuff we really don’t want to vape, basically I’m just saying be careful and while you learn this amazing hobby make sure you stay safe! Edit: real flavors just does flavor but they are all safe @Walt_RealFlavors make sure of that.


Strawberry Clear is different to Strawberry there is a clear version of most of the la flavours which I believe are safe to vape if it has colouring it may not be (although many do).


L looked for that in the DB but didn’t see it. may have missed it.


is the closest there is but it is not really in the correct format.

i am pretty sure all the recipes with Strawberry (LA) should be listed as Strawberry (Clear) (LA) but they are not.
No matter :grinning:


I have definitely noticed some inconsistencies in the db as far as the way some flavors are input, like ripe strawberry. There are two or three for each manufacturer!


Yup jojo, Ken and daath try to stay on top of it but it is a fight that is near impossible to win - you can report dupes and the mods will merge where possible



Good to know, I will do that when my flavor order comes in tomorrow if I see any! I try to stick with the ones that have the most recipes, but for some flavors they just don’t have many recipes so it’s hard to tell them apart.


I got all this from nic river. What’s odd is all my flavorings are clear EXCEPT the strawberry clears. I had no idea Lorann was for cooking. I thought they were a superior brand from my reading here. Going to paste my flavors today.


What about the flavor, is it PG? Where does it fall in the formula as it has liquid content?


Check this link out, you can put in your flavors and it should tell you what is in them


Lorann flavours are fine as long as you stick to the ones that have no ADDED colouring - if they are in original bottles it will list it on the side. As i said many use the flavours with colouring - not enough info out there on the effects of vaping artificial colours that is why there are warnings on them.


Everyone one of my flavors right out of the bottle taste like shit. Except Concord grape, it’s ok.


Your OP says 80PG and 20VG. You still mixing at those ratios?


I’ve actually got them at 65PG 35VG. 6% flavor.