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First recipe that is sort of mine


Yes, I know. But the whole 30% thing just stood out more.


I get this too with Koolada.


Me too, i was kind of hoping that i could use WS-23 as a replacement for koolada. At the % i like koolada it has an odd taste and i cant vape it very long. I used to have no issues with it but over the last year it seems i have become more sensitive to it.


As long as I use it under 0.5%, it’s not that bad.
But when you want COLD, it really sucks not being able to get it without that heavy chest feeling.
Too bad about the WS-23. That was on my list.


I hope this never happens to me, I would hardly have anything vapeable.

Have you tried a FW Menthol and Extreme Ice combo? I use both in mixes at .5% and it’s icy AF.


I don’t like koolada but I like “coldish” I personally think that this sensation turns a odenary cream into ice cream.

I always see Ice cream or cooler vapes, without added coolant, which to me translate in just cream. Still good but not ice cream.

So anyway I started playing with a combination of (FA) polar blast and WS23, it was recommended to me by somebody, can’t remember who and I’m truly sorry, because I suck with names.

It was good, but something was missing, so I tried a combination of polar blast, ws23 and (FW) creme de menthe. That worked amazingly with the cold effect, without getting throat scratch or tightness/heavy ness.

But to me FW is not great quality when it comes to flavors so I’m testing some other mild “mintish” flavors and see how these would perform.

I know not every mint flavor goes with anything, but that’s why I’m trying the more subtle ones, the ones you can easily burry in a mix, but still get the 'coolness" imitation.

Have you both tried something like that yet?

Oh maybe we should put it in a new topic, I don’t like to be screamed at again for derailing something lol.


I use EI quite a bit, at one time i vaped tons of it as i would add it to any mix i screwed up. Menthol, i just make my own, generally a 1:1 PG/Menthol crystal mix. I seem to have no issues with peppermint oil, spearmint oil or menthol. I tried to vape one of my old favorites recently and the koolada was just too rough, i had to drop it out of the mix entirely. I vaped it for years…


It was one of my favorite allergy remedies.


Nah, we are still relevant here, sort of.


No weird feelings at all. I can vape on this all day long


FLV Ice… perfect, Ken try 1-3 drops in 30ml…


Here is a second variation of the recipe, this time with Pineapple. Turning out to be very good. Just need to wait a day or two for it to steep :slight_smile: