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First recipe that is sort of mine


I adapted a recipe that also comes from ELR (Adapted as in added strawberry ripe)

The effect is amazingly tasty sweet mango with a very subtle hint of strawberry, and massive cooling effect from wd-40 (erm ws-23)

It needs at least an overnight steep (and half an hour breathe) so the ws-23 doesn’t kill you on the inhale. After a week it’s simply amazing


Cool! (pun intended)


What kind of equipment are you vaping on?


RDA’s (drop and bonza as of yesterday) on smok alien 220w tc mod

I use simple spaced claptons on both rda’s, dual coil at 0.25ohm


Isn’t a little strong when it comes to flavor? You’ve used a high % for both mangoes.
Instead of breathing your juice, I’d just use a little less flavor and see where that takes you. WS-23 at 30% is really strong, if you have to let it breathe to tone down a bit, means you’ve just used too much of it. Try starting at 0.5% and add a little if you need it.

Peach is also a good pairing for strawberries and mangoes.


I like strong flavors and this one is spot on for me (after overnight steep). If I use less ws-23, the next day it’s not as strong as I like.


That falls under personal preference. If he was asking for help because the flavor was whack, that would be a reasonable comment. He likes it, so Vape On, @adary. Not my style but nice to see you conquered your first happy recipe!


Why create a thread in the forum if people aren’t allowed to comment on it? I asked a valid question and added valid suggestions. Mango cap is used at single flavor %, mango flv adds to it and is an upsteeper and in his first post he said he had to breathe the juice because the ws 23 was too strong.
It just looks more like a work in progress to me than a finished recipe.


After I vaped about 200ml of it, I would call it a finished recipe. I do appreciate the input, but I got it exactly how I like it.


It didn’t reflect in any of your posts… but if that’s what you like then great. That’s all you have to care about if you’re mixing for yourself.


Yes, there was no hint that he was satisfied with it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Really man, we’re here to support one another in the DIY mixing world. No need to put questions or doubt in his mind. Carry on!


Wow, seriously?

I am all for the constructive criticism and/or inputs as you start of with, but that remark is not needed. I understand where you were trying to get at, but personally i dont think that approach is very well received with many people. What i try to say is, that i know you try to help here, but this could easily turn into having opposite effect.

Encourage and supporting should be the way, not let our opinions on very subjective things prevent some courtesy.


Super nice and helpful input. Also the WS-23 is not at 30% its WS-23 30% at 1% in the mix. The flavor total for the recipe is 11% or so. Did you even look at it or did you do the “I’m gonna put some words right here to make me look more important than my actual worth.”?


Good looking recipe. If you like it on the cool side, try glass apple on the recipe side. You can sub the Koolada out for the WS-23


I have all the ingredients for glass apple in the last order from chefs. Waiting for it arrive so I can dig in :slight_smile:


Vaping on some today. One of my favorites.


Not defending what was said but I didn’t catch that either. My eyes just sort of homed in on that 30% (hence my initial comment), so I can kind of understand the comment @Suomynona made.


He also chided him for too much mango, FTR.


I also thought it was too much Mango, but I kept my comments to myself. How a person choose to use their concentrates is their own business. I just wonder how that mix will be if it makes it to 2 or 3 months steep.

Also there are other threads where the OP could’ve posted like (New Recipe Showcase Thread) where completed mixes are posted. So I can understand some confusion about it being a WIP or wanting added comments.


I like my cold mixes to be uber cold too, more than most people seem to enjoy. I havent played with WS23 a whole lot, oddly just in a couple mango mixes. Do you have any issues with weird feelings in your chest after vaping it at that %? I seem to get a bit of a heavy kind of feeling and a scratchy feeling too. Any of that sound familiar?