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Well, I would say that the recipe comes out quite rich, but the smore is not as recognizable as I would like.
I think what I’m most satisfied with is the combination of merengue and toasted marshmallow for the taste of marshmallow, using a high percentage of mashmallow, for example tpa, makes this flavor too flat, without texture, and not It integrates well. The little touch of caramel I think it also brings something I needed.
However, I think what brings me most head is the cookie layer. The AP brings an interesting touch to chocolate and biscuit, but I think I need a cookie “with more personality” but that does not take too much of the recipe.
In addition to this, the matter of chocolate, the combination of FA chocolate + FA cocoa I like in taste, but it is a coil killer (even in that percentage), I would like to find a more balanced chocolate that is integrated with the recipe without having too much protagonism, and I can not get the MF.

Maybe I need a full turn, I do not know


Btw, what would you say your recipes are missing?


CAP Double Chocolate is good, but dark, FLV Deutsch is good as well, but has a coconut component.


@alexbmeist I wanted to keep them simple, without a lot of flavors. Maybe missing a bakery element if anything.


In that case, I’d recommend the marshmallow component to be 10% toasted marshmallow, 50% marshmallow and 40% meringue, it gave me better results than 100% marshmallow


So a made a boo boo on three 120 ml batches. I was pretty tired but needed to replenish my e-juice as I was getting low. Grabbed two bottles from my supply cabinet. One 500 ml and one 240 ml, thinking the larger was VG and the smaller was PG. Well it turns out they were both PG. So I made my batches with all PG (ok, maybe tired and a little tipsy). I figured my best bet is to make three more 120 ml batches all VG and mix them with the all PG batches. At least this way I can get a 50/50 PG/VG mix. I normally do 30/70, but have always wanted to try a 50/50. :grin:



Try this thread. MF is available in the EU.


You made my day! thank you a lot!


Looking for some help with one of my fruit mixes. My initial go at a pineapple/coconut recipe went south, quick! I don’t necessarily want a "pina colada, but I love these two when put together. My short list of what I’ve got include:
Sweet Coconut (FLV)
Pina Colada (INW)
Pineapple (INW)

I really want to stick with just the two main flavors, but I understand that I’ll likely need something added as a booster or a filler. The other option (and likely more interesting) is to go with a play off of the Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s “Bahama Mama.” It has both pineapple, coconut and includes strawberry plus white chocolate.

The only other flavor I have currently is Strawberry Ripe (TFA).

Sorry I’m not much help otherwise, but I’ll greatly appreciate any and all suggestions. TIA…


I’m linking your flavor stash so others can see what you have and offer suggestions…

Sigman229 flavor stash


Hi - got a recipe i adapted from @Shawn - tastes pretty good, just missing a top note of something tangy to really make it pop - any suggestions? Current recipe below



Maybe you’re interested in taking out something from some “corazones blancos” recipe. You could add a bit of INW strawberry shisha, for example


Alright Mr. 50/40/10 man (@alexbmeist) I’ll just try that out and SEE what’s what.



Might try juicy orange .5-1% to give the pineapple a pop.


Strawberry as the only fruit doesn’t work for me. I would add a kiss of raspberry. Just .25% would boost the sb and play nicely with the other two flavors.


I actually had juicy orange in my previous mix. I tend to think that’s what I killed it with (too much). And, if course, I wiped the recipe.



I’m flattered that you try my proposal, you’ll tell us how that was, in my smore recipes, that combination for marshmallow marked me before and after!


BTW, did you try CAP whipped marshmallow? it’s from silverline series, I think it could be a solid option if you’d like to do some new attempts


Not sure if you just “free-handed” it while writing it in the forum, but IF you have it this way in your flavor stash, you’ve got the wrong one (though it will be fixed once it’s merged). Until that happens though, and only IF you’ve got it as listed here, your search results are going to be quite limited as it stands. :wink:

Just a friendly heads up!

No worries! Making sure you have the right (correct structure) flavors added to your stash can sometimes be slightly difficult (depending on the brand, obscurity, etc) due to folks accidentally mis-entering names.

Glad you’ve found your way here, and hope you make yourself at home!