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:thinking: just reading the @alexbmeist question and @eStorm response the Catalina cream may be good here i just got it in and haven’t sf tested it yet :thinking:


Remember to be careful with the catalina cream, it is a dessert in itself, it is already relatively complex with notes of vanilla and caramel and sweeter than it seems


Does it have spice notes or am i thinking of Vienna cream


Well it even have orange and lemon, I think it could be a little “spicy”


Benoz I think you’ll have to sf it lol. The reason I recommended it as the first part of the base above, is that I only get thick sweet cream, with lemon zest (not surprising since its FA lol), orange peel, touch of nutmeg and cinnamon, which makes it a bit “spicier”. But it’s not spicy as in pepper or heat kind of flavor.

I don’t get any caramel from it, another reason I started saying it’s not realistic. But if you get a creme brulee kind of flavor from it, I’m sure it could work with your carrot cake. I’m still thinking about a cream you could use, but without having tried vt carrot cake, I don’t want to recommend something wrong :frowning:

Shows how different tastes can be, I notice the dough part already at .75% and no matter what you throw at it, it’s not easily hidden. At 2% I would probably notice nothing else in the mix anymore, as well as overwhelming artificial cinnamon with chemical after taste lol.

But as it looks like you have your base flavors already, and you don’t feel the need of changing that, I have no issues with that. I’m glad you found flavors that work for you, all that matters :slight_smile:


I’m sorry if it seemed that I had a fixed idea and did not intend to change it. Nothing is further from reality. I have already tried it and I need to improve it, although I have noticed that the biggest change should be in the milky sensation, cinnamon touch of danish cinnamon at the moment seems appropriate to me in a certain way, but if you know some cinnamon that could work, I would really appreciate it. Other cinnamons I’ve tried seems a bit “spicy” because in this recipe the cinnamon is boiled with milk and then with the meringue, with certain “bakery” touch


@eStorm In fact, I’m going to test your recommendations. I have not tried sicily lemon, but I understand that it is somewhat sweeter and used in desserts. What percentage would you recommend me to use without taking too much prominence? Likewise with cinnamon, I will try cinnamon ceylon, I had not used it before, maybe you have an approximate idea of what proportion to use? Thank you very much in advance!


I’ve seen mentions of cinnamon in some flavor notes.


just throwing this out there ;
with whole milk boiled -> dulce de leche TPA?
with cinnamon -> cinnamon spice TPA? cinnamon TPA? Rich Cinnamon Flv?
and a little lemon peel -> Lemon Sicily FA?
which is mixed with a homemade meringue -> Meringue FA?
made with beaten egg whites -> this remind me of Flv / Inw Custard, with the eggy notes?
I haven’t figured out the percentages yet, because I’m still working right now.
Good luck on your Merengada journey!


Thank you a lot four your suggestion!
undoubtedly, dulce de leche would make the recipe much richer, but unfortunately it has a quite characteristic flavor (similar to caramel) that is not part of the product that I try to recreate
With cinnamon, Following @eStorm suggestions have been looking at several options and I think that cinnamon ceylon FA is the one that fits best
Yeah, 0.3 Lemon Sicily FA would be great
And yeah, meringue FA is in the recipe
the flv / inw custard has a touch of vanilla that (again) would improve the recipe, but I try to recreate the original flavor that does not have. The sweet cream included already has a subtle touch of vanilla that did not fit into my plans, but I need some cream to round the base of milk + meringue + cream, and this is the best I have found at the moment

Right now my new try will be:
Dairy milk (TPA) 6%
Meringue TPA) 3%
Lemon sicily (FA) 0.3%
Sweet cream (CAP) 3%
Cinnamon ceylon (FA) 1%
Super sweet (CAP) 1%

Thank you again!


If you find sweet cream have some vanilla notes to it, maybe substitute it with cream fresh fa? It’s just cream without any other notes added to it.


I’m sorry, I just saw it!
Fresh cream did not give me much with respect to dairy milk, but I made 50% fresh cream and 50% tpa marshmallow and had a little more creaminess (important that is TPA, the CAP marshmallow takes over the flavor), thank you very much for the answer!


Hi! it’s me again! I see that since the last time I wrote no one else has done it, so I hope I’m not being weighed with a post that is not often used much.

I want to share a smores recipe that I made. I used some notes of diyordie smores and HIC’s chocolate marshmallow, and I LOVE the result, but I still do not feel 100% satisfied with the result, so I wanted to leave the recipe in case you had any suggestions (and of course if you want it) try, it has become my girlfriend’s favorite). The recipe is (the numbers are %):

Campfire smore
FA chocolate 1.2
FA Cocoa 0.6
FA Caramel 0.8
FA meringue 2
TPA toasted marshmallow 1.7
TFA acetyl pyrazine 0.5
TFA Graham Cracker Clear 4
FA cookie 0.5
Sweetener 1

Thank you all for your time and thoughts!


I’m not taking anything away from HIC… some of that stuff was groundbreaking back in the day, but most of that stuff is old and times have changed with much better flavors.

After 5 or 6 failed attempts at making mixes he highly recommend, I just stopped. He try to be the master of making something out of nothing, but IMO he fails miserably. I don’t need help in making a bad mix!

A lot of mixers shoot for a completed mix right from the start… enhancers and all. Some things simply aren’t needed… especially enhancers. When you use accurate flavors, you will find you use a lot less enhancers or boosters.


thank you very much for your extensive comment!

the costs of getting MF concentrates here in Spain are very high. I use the combination of chocolate + coca from FA because it looks like a hot chocolate that looks great with the marshmallow, and in those percentages I do not get the typical chocolate burnt sensation.

The concentrates that I find most affordable to get here are FA, TPA, INW and CAP, and I have not found a chocolate alternative of those brands that convinces me, only that combination, if you have any suggestion of those brands would be great! (same for the SC graham cracker)

I use caramel because I’ve noticed a caramel aftertaste in the smores commercial liquids that I liked the most, like Charlie’s campfire.

I use the meringue because if I use only toasted marshmallow, the flavor does not integrate well with the rest, and if I use marshmallow, the toasted touch is lost, and both TPA and CAP marshmallow are lost a lot in the mix. The combination of merengue and toasted marshmallow gives me a toasted marshmallow sensation that integrates well from my point of view, if you have any other suggestions for this point it would also be great!

the acetyl pyrazine and the cookie I use them because, for my criteria, they add a touch to the graham cracker for this recipe that is better, but I’m still looking for other options to improve the matter of the cookie of the smore

Thank you a lot again!


Your explanation of your choice of flavors sounds pretty convincing to me. Sound like you ARE satisfied with your mix… I just offered an alternative view since you posted in the “Fix My Mix” thread.


Yeah I need some suggestions, I was responding to why I chose those flavors but it does not mean that this choice convinces me at all, I notice that you it a little twist to improve!
Your proposal regarding chocolate would be very useful to me, but I can not get MF at a reasonable price here :frowning:


It’s terrible that you can’t get it… The MF DC solved all my Chocolate woes.

The Cocoa FA is a coil gunker and is NOT water soluble… I’m sure you’ve seen that beige layer that settle on the bottom…


Yeah I know, I’ve heard wonders abou MF
I know about that, but it can be used in recipes in low concentration. However, it’s a coil killer, that’s why I’m looking for a chocolate substitute that can be made with FA, TPA, CAP or INW


@Pro_Vapes I have to agree, he’s thought it out well IMO.

@alexbmeist I have labored over trying to nail down S’mores and know how picky it can be, or at least for me it was. What are you not satisfied about ? I can vouch for the MF Chocolate, as it is very good, and doesn’t seem to gunk coils either.

I’m still tweaking mine, with FA Choco…