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Fix the dial on the noisy cricket 2


Hi guys & gals,

This is my favourite mod this week lol. The only drawback for me was that the dial is/was too hard to turn. Well thanks to @woftam today. He worked out you can pry the button off gently with a dental pick, then there is a Philips head plastic dial underneath. You can wind it back and forth a few times. Then snap the button back on and it’s great. I also added some grease (special RC stuff for plastics) to the button just a smidge and wiped off the excess. It’s bloody awesome how it should have been and it is a very easy fix. Be careful though I’d hate to have a heavy handed klutz blame me for breaking it, but you would have to be pretty heavy.

Overall it’s a great mod I’m loving it, I’ve got a goon with a 0.12 Ω build running amazing and a little hot in parallel mode. Loving it. Flouds for days.

Good Deals 2017!

Awesome good job glad it worked.


Interesting. What was the grease you used?


I did it without lube ( :laughing: insert appropriate joke here) and it worked.


It doesn’t really need it once you loosen up the plastic Philips head. However, a tiny dab has made it very smooth.

This is RC stuff designed to stick to spur gears doing 10k rpm particularly plastic ones. It’s hard to find. Here is an article on grease and plastic if you are keen http://m.machinedesign.com/mechanical-drives/engineering-essentials-lubrication-tips-plastic-gears-and-more-part-2
but once again really not needed after following the guidelines from @woftam


Wrong tube dude


Keeps your home dental equipment ready for that home wisdom canal job.

Seriously though, this mod is perfect now!! Sensational

And vapesourcing have them for $23.90


I have to say I really like it now - I just chucked and ijoy limitless rdta on it and it is awesome



Yep, the perfect introduction to mech mods I’d recommend.

You my sir taking the risk in prying that button was a selfless act ( overstated I know). Though I think given another week with the device I would have done this through shear frustration. Spending 5 minutes battling to twist that dial was a definite drawback.

QuickDraw McGraw on the photoshop chops too.


Nice fix, but in parallel mode the potentiometer (dial) doesn’t work, it’s only for series mode.
BTW, don’t run 0.12 in series mode!


Correct, the potentiometer only works in series and when in regulating mode (red light), other then that its a mech mod and how cool to have the choice between series and parallel. And yes lowest I would go in dual series is about 0.4ohm and 0.11 in dual parallel, to be honest I think i’d prefer it at about 0.15-0.2 in parallel. at 0.12 it’s hot but boy is it “floudy”.

I can also run the 0.12 ohm coil in series with the potentiometer running no problems.


Okay, so I just did mine. Didn’t have a dental pick so i got a very tiny flat head driver point under there and lifted the button. After recovering it from behind the sofa where it flew to, I checked the pot and it was not at all stiff. I ran it back and forth a few times for good measure and i put graphite on the aluminum where the knob runs and after some careful thought about how it should go, I put the knob back in place. Works wonderfully now.


Bypass that one. Get the 25mm one…trust me.


Yes yes my fault I put the wrong one up. This one is 9cents cheaper too.


I havent had a whole lot of trouble out of my adjustment wheel but certain points are easier to turn than others. You really have to press against it hard with the tip of your finger and turn at the same time. Might have to give this a try though if it helps that much! Nice tip guys