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Flavor or Clouds... What Do You Prefer?


I just realized that my Orchid V6 styled RTA from Fastech $10.52 has little screws in the bottom where I can adjust the air flow. I think they were set at about 90% open. I closed them making them about 70% and I like the drag much better. Also probably just a coincidence, I am not experiencing any leaking juice from the air holes any more. Previously, I couldn’t stop the leaking even though I watched some videos and rebuild it. The problem seems to stem from proper refilling. If I fill it from the top rather than at the bottom fill hole, leaking is entirely eliminated. Well, off to do the vacuuming. Love to chat. Later dudes.

I like 70%VG / 30% PG and 12 mg nicotine with double-shot flavor

Clouds are super awesome, but in my world flavor prevails. Im pretty finicky with my juice and need optimal flavor.
i have to use more PG to get more flavor…which gives alergy type symptoms…or up my flavor percentage for mixes…
I got with a steady 60VG 40PG for an even amount of flavor and clouds…
I realize this thread is super old, but im a creeper…level 5!


Nah…you’re at least level 8 now :laughing::laughing::grin::kissing_heart:


Bonus points! Hell yes! :kiss:


I want it all!
Tasty and fluffy :smiley:


Like this? :grin:


Flavorful clouds.


Awwwwwww love them :smiley:


Just now seeing this, but I find with more power, comes more flavor. To a point though, there is a such thing as burning past the flavor. Also, flavors mute more easily with hotter vapes. Not garunteed, but I feel recipes almost have to be geared towards your setup… kind of.


True! I have found some recipe’s layers are discovered at different temps. I’m kind of half way between the flavor chasing and cloud production. Usually mix at 70/30 or 60/40 (vg/pg), depending on the flavors. Something very gratifying about chucking a huge cloud, but if you can’t taste it, what’s the point? Lol


I like 375°F 90% of the time. I get good crisp flavor and enough vapor to round out the experience. Every once in a while I get the urge to grab an RDA with a monster build and crank up the mod in wattage mode and blow some massive fog and smack the senses with some intense flavor but not as a steady diet for sure. I eat and drink the same way. Small bites and probably what might be considered sips. Take a little time and just savor the flavor. With today’s vape gear one can pretty much have it their way. That’s really amazing.


I just cram it in as fast as my mouth can handle…
And I like big clouds. And big flavor. For my big mouth. :open_mouth: :thought_balloon:


Your the best @VapeyMama. That is hilarious. Large clouds can be entertaining. I get the biggest kick out of modified vaper with his extra nose holes.