I like 70%VG / 30% PG and 12 mg nicotine with double-shot flavor

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I just realized that my Orchid V6 styled RTA from Fastech $10.52 has little screws in the bottom where I can adjust the air flow. I think they were set at about 90% open. I closed them making them about 70% and I like the drag much better. Also probably just a coincidence, I am not experiencing any leaking juice from the air holes any more. Previously, I couldn’t stop the leaking even though I watched some videos and rebuild it. The problem seems to stem from proper refilling. If I fill it from the top rather than at the bottom fill hole, leaking is entirely eliminated. Well, off to do the vacuuming. Love to chat. Later dudes.
Forgot to say— Definitely I prefer flavor over vapor. I don’t think you have to balance one for the other and neither is dependent on the other. Which wire type and coil type gives the most flavor??? How about in pre-build coil heads? What are you guys opinion? Definitly steeping your juice makes a huge difference in flavor. What are some other things we could add to the list? [/quote]

I use 70/30 VG\PG and 6-8mg nic.

I think they sell it a One Stop DIY.

I found a good price for the 4oz. Vanilla Custard v1 Cap from ECX.

The best flavor is in the concentrated vapor. A lot of people that try to avoid vapor are also avoiding the flavor too. How to get more flavor from less vapor is a mystery to me.