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Flavor West


By all means, please do!!!


As for the topic and thread, now muted:
Flavor West


While I’m all in favor of keeping the peace (and sorry to bring this up again), I don’t think removing an entire thread of conversation about a company simply because someone said some nasty things is necessarily the way to go. We can’t just delete things we don’t agree with. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if that opinion is founded on assumptions with no proof. It’s their right as a person to maintain that. It is possible to agree to disagree or to simply disagree with someone without getting emotionally involved. It’s pixels on a screen, after all. That being said, I don’t think abusive behavior should be tolerated and people who engage in blatant smear campaigns should be asked to cease and desist or face removal.

Just my 2 cents…take it for what it’s worth, as always.


I was just ceremoniously laying to rest the thread and muting it from my feed. The only person who has the power to delete stuff is @daath.

I think what is being said is that once a thread becomes irritating due to trolls, product bashing and /or unsubstantiated remarks, you have the option of just not joining the thread and reading the garbage being spewed untill the problem goes away by vote, flagging or sending a large (insert nationality) man to go break the legs of the offender (jk).


ROFL…I see. I can get down with that. Or as we used to say in Texas…I smell what you’re steppin in. :stuck_out_tongue: Just out of curiosity…can you actually mute a thread? How do you do that? That might come in handy. LoL <— Nevermind…figured it out


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Flavor West has the best flavors. You just have to know how to use them. You dont need eliquid recipees. I have a company and mix over 500 eliquids from 6 flavors to 23 flavors in each eliquid. Its very simple dont use over 18 -22 % total flavor in each bottle. Dont make big batches, they suck. You just need to practice and have really good pouring skills. So.if you want to make a simple five flavor eliquid. Brown sugar Hot fudge sundae waffle. with caramel. First put in your vanilla bean ice cream about 8 %, then about 1 % milk choclate or double dutch. Chocolate is strong you dont need alot. Then put in 3 or 5% waffle, then 2 % brown sugar and 2 % caramel. I use 100 % vg base. Fill up the rest of the bottle with your base and nicotene. Now if you want to vape it, run really hot water in the sink. Put the bottle in there and quick steep it. Now its ready to vape. Or you can just ket it steep a day or two and you can take off the lid and air it no nore then 6 hours. Either way its going to taste better in a couple days. You dont need recipees you make your own. Use lots of creams like vanilla butternut, sweet creem, marshmallow, bavarian cream. Use french vanilla. They now have vanillin. You only need to use a small amount.


Going to be doing a few FW tests.

Cinnamon Churro 8.0%
Waffle Cone 5.0%
White Cake 3.0%
Creamy Sponge Cake 5.0%
Salted Caramel 10.0%
Maple Pecan 3.0%
Cinnamon 11.0


That Creamy Sponge Cake makes for a yummy Strawberry Shortcake drools.