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Flavor West


Oh yummy JoJo! I’ll have to try yours too.
Here’s one I made on Father’s Day: Dad’s Creamy Caramel Nut


Link isn’t working for me for some reason. Is it this one? I’m gonna try it for sure! I’ll have to adapt it cuz I’m missing some of the flavors, but I think I have some decent subs. I’ll let you know how it goes. :smile:



Thanks Ray!
I fixed it.


Oh my my my… I just made some of this up and even just after mixing and doing a test vape, I can tell this will be wonderful after a good steep. I didn’t have any TPA brand Sweet Cream, so I used what I had left of Vapor Flavors brand, but it turned out nicely. Thanks Jo!


Yay! Sometimes simple is better. I think I probably over complicate my mixes a lot of the time, so it was nice to find something I really liked with only a few flavors. Something about the salted caramel just did it for me.


I have only found unicorn vomit and passion fruit successful below the 2% mark. I case u didn’t chuck them.


Boy oh boy my favorite thing to do is overcrowd a recipe. I hear u girl. I need to learn less is more myself. I just love it when a complexed recipe finally steeps and it’s amazing I like the challenge !


No … I haven’t threw them out. I never throw away flavoring … I even have some TPA Honey if that tells ya anything. LOL …


I won’t touch anything by FlavorWest , they are the one company that has repeatedly lied about nasty chemicals in their flavorings and their stuff has been tested at independent labs showing sky high levels of the nasties.

Most consider them bottom barrel cheapo budget flavorings when you can’t get a hold of anything else. Mt.Baker Vapor gets criticized all the time for using their flavorings .


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the FW Blueberry. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the FW Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

What I dont like is FW Cookie Butter, tastes like god damn cardboard.


That’s a touchy subject. By nasties what do you mean. I do use a few though. My main problem are the percentages.
Salted Caramel



… and the list goes on. If they fixed this I wouldn’t have a single problem with FW.


personally, I like some of Flavor West flavors. Some people don’t eat pork … more bacon and bbq for me … yum yum


Oh crap! Here we go again!!!


It’s a little crazy when you can’t speak your mind. Some things you just have to look over.


It says that on all the flavors. Actually I hate to admit this but I think someone was being lazy putting the same info on everything. I also believe this same practice (Copy and Paste) got them in a little trouble with the yogurt flavor. Some of their flavors would curl your toe hair at those strengths. Do not think you have to use those strengths just because of what EVERY flavor recommends. Just depends on the flavor…


You know I’m biting my lip right now…


I’m proud of you!

There needs to be a “Take the High Road” badge…you would be deserving of such a badge. ; )


@Jimk. Please retire this thread just like the other. I think it’s time we all take the high road from this thread too. If people want to bash Flavor West, let it be only them that reads it !!!


So, you think it’s time for the black barbed wire wrapped RIP wreath again? I’m leaning that way myself.