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Flavorah-based recipes


I’m neck deep into notes and recipes I should have released and didn’t or forgot to release or… :stuck_out_tongue:

but I am working on a project for my website, and really hope it doesn’t become obnoxious! Change is coming to my site and I really am having fun going back thru everything… yes solos I am redoing for the umptenth time… new recipe ideas and my notepads keep getting clogged up! but any questions or etc… just ask… I do not mind! <3 thanks @fidalgo_vapes and @Chrispdx… you both are my heros today! :smile:


Yet another one… Carrot Cake!! :slight_smile:




maybe I should just make one post lol… still working on a new part of my website… thank yous to everyone for being patient with me! :slight_smile:


I might have missed some… I lost count!



Dam you on a mission today.
Keep up the good work.
Ps maple bar was awsome, but ran out of pg so only had a tiny tester.
I have 100ml of that and the berry cheesecake mixed in vg and just waiting for pg. Will hopefully report tomorrow.


Oh do not get me started on Maple Bar… I must have at least 50 recipes with it too :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to what you think, @GuernseyNick :smiley:


Ok the maple bar is just as awsome as i remember from my little tester.
I would say like a nice maple flavour granola bar with a slight creamy finish. Will be mixing up more soon.

The berry cheesecake, the cheesecake is a bit weak for my poor abused taste buds. I am getting berry a bit or tart and hint of creamy. I have tried adding more cheesecake. Will let it sit for a few days and try again.

When trying the maple bar i thought this will make an awsome cheesecake flavour so here is my attempt.


Ps thanks smokyblue for all the recipes and work


Why is it this is the second time someone has said - work - ? :stuck_out_tongue:

you can increase the cheesecake (plain) up to around .8% Nick, but if you do… you will need to add in some berry blend at .4% but be careful, berry cheesecake is yet another light one, and the way this recipe is meant to be is light on the cheesecake. Hope this makes sense… :slight_smile:


Finally released this one… thought I did back when I made it… but guess not! Opps!