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Flavorah by the foot


Wow my minds been blasted! That’s gonna be like 1litre VG just in SFT! Congrats!!


Me too!!! It’s kinda overwhelming. Like I want to mix with everything but only touched a tiny fraction. I did mix up your roja mix and a v2 minus alpine strawberry swapped with sb fa 2% and ripe tpa 3%. I should see it in 4 weeks.

Also mixed a few with the kinako soy and egg nog today.

I’m very interested how some of my smell tests come out. The strawberry smash and cream smelled really good from the bottle and so did custard. Very intrigued. Same with their biscotti.

As for their mimosa…I didnt mix with it but I did a smiff test and I got a weird chaulky/pulpy off note. Very odd.


Wow! Just wow! Congratulations on your win of the century!


Cool! Congrats!:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Morning Mimosa is delish!
I like to fill it out Like this

.8% Morning Mimosa
.2% Blood Orange
.4% Cream
1 drop Smooth Vanilla
1 drop Vanilla Bean


Do you have an icecream recpie only using flv?


I’d have to dig… you might have better luck searching my recipes… bit tied up today… but if I can remember, will share :wink:


Congratulations on the win! That’s super cool.


Oh goodness!


Omg. Late today I get to vape some of the Flavorah mixes. First up…pumpkin pie eggnog recpie…I took a quick smell test last night before putting it in the bag. Smelled fantastic.


Their Eggnog is amaze-tastic. I made a Bourbon-heavy Eggnog recipe few weeks ago that I’m mad I didn’t make more of. I tried something a little different with it though. I wanted the Cinnamon to calm down a little more, and the Bourbon to be more prominent with a fatty/creamy base, so I threw in Avocado. It sounds weird, but it tempered the Cinnamon perfectly, and made for a really thick and delicious cream base.


Chris have you tried the BlackBerry blossom yet ???


Not yet. I think it may have been in batch 2, but not sure. I’ve been vaping the first mixes this week. I’ll hane notes for roja tomorrow. I’ll pm you.


TY was looking for e-nog, how can I say no to this reaction. :+1:


What? You get chat banned for spamming “gg” to each individual player in a raid, and now you’re not allowed to use them period for fear of a clan-mate seeing it? :rofl: :wink: :crazy_face:



Really been just wanting to say ty since I added it a few days ago.

But gg mate! :rofl: j/k



nice hipe you enjoy it , pretty simple recipe using all FLV


hmm, i know that most people’s feet are , umm, shall we say, heavily scented? But it’s usually Gorgonzola Cheese flavour every time, isn’t it? (not that I’ve tasted many feet, I hasten to add, I’m using “commion knowlege” as my guide here) . Your feet must be something really special if takes a whole box full of Flavorah to beat them . :laughing:

Sorry, couldn’t resist :crazy_face:


Awesome vape mail. I’m waiting on three orders, diff blends though. Should be about 90 flavors total. Looks as if we will be making a good batch up in the coming days! Cheers!


This was an interesting mix (lemon bloom II) Most totally floral’ish. I love florals but I think moscoto kind of buried elderflower for me.

I’m also a big fan of sliding in a cream to fill the nooks.

So I am going to drop lime down to 0.04 (I was still tasting lime pulling from lemon mf), moscoto down to 0.25 and add sweet cream 0.35