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Flavorah Giveaway


If anyone is interested @Flavorah is doing a give away on Instagram, they are giving the whole line to a lucky winner.

The people here that I know are on Instagram

@Skullblade789 bro, I said you liked scotch and I must apologize for that. It’s Bourbon that you like. my bad.


I’m so ready. 10% alpine strawberry flv and 0.25 bubble gum flv. Done. Lol.


I have been looking for a decent bubble gum. How is it?


Lol. I was joking about 10% alpine sb. As for bubble gum flv. I’ve only done one mix with it. So far I liked it. It was just a hair less “chemicallly” than tpa it cap in comparison.

I’ve been messing around with the clone recipie for gnarly sauce or something to that name. The original started with like 18% flavoring and I think I’m done to 11’ish. But the recpie needs a lot of work, but it’s something I like once every two months. Lol.