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Flavorah new bottles (and flavors)


Hey guys and gals!

I was given some new flavors today from Flavorah that I’m really excited about! Not only are the flavors new, but they also [finally] have new bottles! Frosted glass bottles with an elongated drip tip, that can be removed for those who prefer using pipettes.

I must say, I already love the bottles, given my horrible track record with their plastic bottles and broken caps!! A very welcome change indeed :smile:

As far as the flavors, I was given Red Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea, Eisai Tea, Kinako Soy, and Avocado. Tea flavors have been my unicorn flavors since I first started mixing, so I have high hopes for these!! I have to say, the initial smell tests are great! Here’s hoping they translate into a vape!!

I’ll post my notes after I start mixing and steeping

**These flavors are due to hit resellers by the end of the month


I love the bottles, the Frosted Glass is durable and hefty, and the flavors are pretty darn unique. I can tell right away that FLV Green Tea will be ‘the’ Green Tea. :wink:


Is the diptip like a incorporated pippette if the bottles are glass?


Not exactly, given the fact you can’t fill it with exact measurement but you can squeeze it for drops. There’s definitely a small learning curve there, if you want to use the drip tip as a pipette by squeezing, while tipping the bottle, all in one hand.

Once I sit down and do some mixing, I’ll have a better approach to how I will be doing it. I literally just unpacked these and haven’t played with the new bottles yet


Go play already :slight_smile:


Hmmm… Udders…


Those bottles looks like they could be use like a pen, maybe caligraphic pen.
Reminds me of how my mom would put the icing on a cake with one hand, and the other to shoo us away :smile:


lol - Exactly like that - squeeze gently.


@JoJo will be delighted, she’s been searching for a decent tea for a long time :tea:


I love the bottles too! They are the wave of the future because they make mixing easier for me. I really love the black tea and Eisai! Flavorah really hit the mark on these!!


I still mix by syringe so i take the pipette top off…im so excited to see some notes on these flavors!
I may need to get an actual rack for bottles now as these ones are tall and awkwardly shaped!


The top is really nice!! If u squeeze the flat part of the tip it dispenses the concentrate and if you squeeze the sides it pulls the liquid back in so there’s no waste of any drops. I wonder how much the chamber holds? I’m gonna shoot Bryson a quick question.
U should try a scale Laura. It makes mixing so much easier and less clean up. I think u can get them on amazon for a reasonable price.


Looking forward to my Flavorah Vape Mail which was shipped yesterday… never know what they might toss in… but I really needed the rich cinnamon at this moment so as long as that arrives, I’ll be happy. Looking forward to your notes @DarthVapor


She was the first person I thought of!! Her and I have had no luck with good teas since the start! I started mixing them today and my hopes are really high! I don’t want to say we have a winner… yet, but these smells and finger tests are fantastic!! I can actually pull out the tea leaf notes in the green tea, as well as, the slightly floral tea leaf notes you get from buying loose black tea leaves from the Asian markets. I HOPE it’s the same in the vape!!!

As far as the bottles… LOVE them!! Bryson is going to send me an infographic on them today, that I will share here. As @Jazzy_girl said, they do make mixing easier. They make dropping your drops more precise, without over dropping, like you would get from traditional bottles.
My only [slight] con of them, would be the fact you can easily get flavoring all over your fingers, if the pip-tip (my new coined named) isn’t dry.

Besides that, this was a smart move by Flavorah. I can’t imagine this move was cheap for them though, so I’m curious if the price of these new bottles will be folded in somewhere?


Hopefully you have something good here. She will be thrilled when she’s back from hiatus.
Poor girl could use some good news after all the BS she went through :exploding_head:


Right!?! I’m still speechless on all that juvenile crap!! I’m feeling pretty good about these already, so I’m going to have to share with her, until they hit the shelves :slight_smile:

I think @Amy2 is going to love these as well! The smell test on the kinako soy reminds me of your favorite flavor of all time @Josephine_van_Rijn… TARO!! Haha. I already have so many ideas for these, having not even vaped them yet. Mother@%^!er I hate steeping!!!


Perfect name!! They vape fantastic! The black tea is outstanding, they all are actually but I’m really impressed with these flavors. Let us know what u think
I made a quick 3 recipe mix with the avocado. Avocado ice cream. hmmm never thought id be making that one.
The avocado is sweet n creamy



They have become my new favorite flavor line!! That would be awesome if they made stands for them too…hint hint


I actually inquired about that exact thing, and the cost difference was minimal in switching to the glass. I also think it was a great move on their part, it just serves to set Flavorah apart from the other companies.