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Flavorah Tasting Notes


FlavourArt announced that they are coming out with a DAP free Yogurt soon. If it’s like all their other flavors I am sure it will be fantastic too :smile:

Can’t wait to try both of them!


Yeah I have never had any issues with any of my FA flavors, granted I only have a dozen or so but what I have are top notch! I just wish I started with them first instead of so much capella/flavor west stuff I had. I have another order coming up so I’m definitely going to build up stock with them as well as Inewara. Very happy with both those companies, in flavor quality and potency


I just started buying FA and indeed they are quality. So are many Capella to though.


Yeah don’t get me wrong I like capella and I have a lot of there flavors I enjoy, same with FW. I meant as far as winners vs “losers”. Every FA flavor I bought have all been winners where as with capella/FW I have unfortunately had some misses. As we all know some companies make great things and then have some not so great, I have just been lucky with FA and not have had any misses and that’s not to say they don’t have any.


Source: www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/3kqbcp/to_assist_the_flavorah_recipe_thread_heres_some/

All flavors mixed initially @3% max VG. Any changes to the ratio will be annotated in the reviews.

FLV Raspberry- The bottle smells great. Almost like a mix of pomegranate liqueur and raspberry sherbet. When mixed @3%, it has a faint scent of grape, with sweet raspberry throughout.

When vaped, it’s very faint at 3%. Volume after dripping: 9.3mL. Added .16g flavoring to reach roughly 5%. Total flavoring ratio: .43g/9.4mL(this is the same formula I used to increase any of the flavors listed) The flavor is great, but still weak. I can taste the potential for it being a great mix with creams, berries, and citrus
fruits. The strength, however, is not there with this one. Recommended starting point: 6% as the main note in a mix, 3% as a compliment.

FLV Peach- Smells like it should. Nothing to write home about; just smells like peach. Quite pleasant.

At 3%, still a bit weak. Bumped up to 4%. @4%, this tastes like peach rings. Almost an exact clone of peach rings. Fantastic standalone flavor if that’s what you like. As odd as it sounds, the flavor itself
is actually fleshy like a fresh, warm peach you would pick yourself(not like that unripened shit you get at the grocery.) It’s one of my favorites of the lot, due to it being like a candied peach, but still translating the fleshy notes of a real peach nicely. Recommended starting point: 5% as a main note, 3% as a compliment.

FLV Wild Melon- Wow this stuff smells incredible.
I’m not sure what melon they were trying to emulate, but this smells like honeydew with a hint of watermelon. Great expectations are had.

Vaped at 3%, this flavor shines. This one definitely has the patented FLV strength we’ve come to know, and goodness does it have the quality we expect. It tastes like a super sweet frankenstein creation where he
took a honeydew, with all of it’s melony deliciousness and added that elusive flavor that is really only present in watermelon(seriously, has anyone else noticed that watermelon has an extremely unique flavor?)
This flavor is incredible. Mix this shit with strawberry, creams, apples, anything but tobaccos and chocolates. Recommended starting point: 3% as a main note, 1% as a compliment.

FLV Sweet Coconut- THIS SHIT SMELLS LIKE CANDY. LIKE MOTHER FUCKIN’ ALMOND JOY HOLY SHIT. For real, I ran and got an Almond Joy after smelling this flavor. Gave me serious cravings.

gave me high expectations for this flavor, and once again, they were met. @3%, this flavor is a little bit strong, all of the notes definitely come through and it lives up to it’s title. This is a sweet coconut. Not like a candied coconut, but more of a fresh coconut sprinkled with sugar. Not quite as buttery as FLV Coconut, but still has
that buttery, oily taste. Will make a great addition to strawberry milk mixes, and really any sort of yogurt I can think of, as well as CAP VC1. Recommended starting point: 2% as a main note, .5% as a compliment.

FLV Cinnamon Crunch- This one smells just as good as the others. Sweet, sweet, cinnamon, like walking by a Cinnabon in the mall. It has an underlying cereal smell, almost like Pops or Kix. A little afraid of the cinnamon at 3%.

I was wrong. There is no reason to be afraid of the cinnamon. This flavor comes across as, well, Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It even has the slightest hint of maple to really bring home the flavor. Spit on me and call me Tootsie if this isn’t the best single-flavor cereal I’ve had. There is even a very mild butyric acid in this flavor that adds a fantastic milk note to the mix. I cannot think of any way to make this better. Maybe I’ll try it with some FLV Milk and Honey and see where this adventure takes me. This would go great with some TFA toasted
marshmallow, FW cinnamon roll, CAP marshmallow, really any flavor similar to these. Flavor could be a little stronger. Recommended starting point: 4% as a main note, Don’t you dare use this as a compliment because it deserves the main stage.

FLV Crunch Cereal- Smells like a frosted sweet corn cereal. Big expectations for this after the Cinnamon Crunch.

For the first time, I think my expectations were not met. This flavor is good, as good as other dry, blank-slate cereals, but it’s not Flavorah good. I can taste the corn cereal slightly, under a honey-like sweetness(not like honey flavors, but like real honey) The closest approximation I can make with a real-world taste is Pops cereals. Not sure if they had this in EU, but in the 90s, it was a pretty popular cereal in the US. It was a simple corn syrup frosted corn puff cereal. This flavor could work well with FA meringue to try and reach a lucky
charms taste, maybe some blueberry and strawberry to make frankenberry or booberry cereals. Not much else needs to be said besides that it’s a little weak at 3%. Recommended starting point: this flavor isn’t really a
main note flavor, 4% as a good cereal basenote.

FLV Milk and Honey- Smells like if someone put TFA
Bavarian Cream into Yoohoo chocolate water. This isn’t a bad thing in my opinion. Smells like it will make for a good addition to cream bases and cereal flavors.

At 3%, this is a wonderful single-flavor. I might just mix this up(maybe 4%, 3% might be a bit weak for a single flavor recipe.) as an ADV for when I tire of fruit mixes. This flavor has some serious complexity, with a nice chocolatey(?) flavor mixing with a sweet milk. This tastes almost exactly like Smax Sammie Puffs. This may be my favorite out of the bunch, and with one flavor to go, it has to be a banger to get this flavor off my mind. Milk and Honey will go great with CAP VC1, TFA Graham Cracker, FW Graham Cracker, TFA Toasted Marshmallow, and the like. Recommended starting point: 4-5% single-flavor, 4% as a main note, 2% as a compliment.

FLV Peanut Butter- Once again, this smells like it may have a touch of cocoa in it. The peanut butter notes remind me of the scent of those orange peanut butter crunch sticks you can get at a gas station.

Wow, this tastes like unsweetened peanut butter. Way to go Flavorah, you managed to include some of the saltiness without making me add saline to the mix. I’m impressed. 3% may be a little high, because the
flavor of the red peanut skin(from peanuts in shell) is a bit too prevalent IMO. This would make a great base for pb&j flavor. There is still that slight sweetness that comes from peanut butter, but mostly this is a dry peanut butter flavor, like the all natural stuff they sell at Whole Foods. This would go well with FLV Milk and Honey for a
creamy PB custard flavor, FLV Strawberry for a pb&j flavor, CAP VC1 for another PB custard, FLV sweet coconut and FLV coconut for a nice creamy, sweet peanut butter vape. Recommended starting point: 2.5% as a
main note, .5% as a compliment.


Flavorah tasting notes by /u/OctaVariuM8 here:


Flavorah tasting notes by www.reddit.com/u/cakebeerandmorebeer

Part 1:


Review by commi_furious


Sounds interesting , thanks for sharing! I am loving Flavorah more each time I use them.Very few flavors that aren’t really good and they seem to be consistent in concentrations.


Grape is a very robust taste, as I mixed it at 8% for MTL hitting in Goblin Mini…Steeped 7 days…Definitely strong Concord/slight Candy essence and very full bodied…Has a tartness complimented with a sweet as well, and as it ages, the sweetness develops even more…Unlike FLVs’ Boysenberry, this Grape does not have the “Earthy” taste I was expecting it to have, so I was pleasantly surprised…Almost like chewing on a Bubblicious gum in terms of the taste and depth of the flavor but with more of an authentic fruit essence than the gum…Will be fun to experiment with some creams with this… Perhaps FLVs’ CandyRoll may be an excellent blending experiment with this Grape, as well… I will play with it in a Waldorf Salad, also, and prolly in small %.

Thai Chai is interesting and flavorful after a 9 day steep at 7% … Initial vape had slight hints of mint, and a spicy/peppery tone to it (which lingers on the lips) with a small amount of sweet, so it was rather offputting initially…However, as my tank warmed up over the 2 hour vape session, this flavor really blossomed into a surprisingly excellent flavor…What started happening for me was that a sweet/fruit essence started to show itself and the spicy notes, while still there, started to smooth out…Peppery and mint gone as well, but then a light, sweet creamy essence started to develop as the whole profile turned into smooth fruity/spicy/cream kinda thing …And none of these flavors overwhelmed the other…and the overall experience was not accompanied with a “heaviness” of any of its’ separate flavors…A very nice blend…but not over done…I look forward for this one to age, as I can only see it improving in flavor…Don’t have any idea how it would fit into a multiflavor concoction, but maybe more steep time will elucidate some ideas…

Got LemonGrass and Lemon Tea steeping now…and will take note from the guy on the link that ProVapes provided about mixing the Gingersnap a bit lower in % and have No clue on how to address the Cupcake Batter…yet… :slight_smile:


All flavors tested on a Velosity Dripper dual Claptons at 55 watts. Tested at 1%,2%,3% and up to 5% in test recipes. I only have a couple of recipes ready and am still working on several others. I will post what I have ready after the flavor reviews on this thread.

                                                       Cupcake Batter

Aroma-Yes, smells just like cupcake batter. I smell a little Vanilla, cream and a custard like note. Very sweet smell and reminds me of licking the mixing bowl as a kid.
Vaped- At 1% this reminds me of Hawaiian Sweet Rolls; at 2% it’s getting exciting as the vanilla and creamy notes are showing up; at 3% this is plenty of a standalone for a plain ole sweet and smooth batter.
My Thoughts- Cupcake Batter will be a hit because it is smooth and rounded and will become popular very quickly among DIYers. This flavor has endless possibilities and will be one of my must haves for bakery recipes. I give this high recommendations to get. My only gripe is the concentrate strength is a little low.


Aroma-Strong concentrated smell of Grape, like I tore open a pack of dry Grape kool-aide mix. This concentrate is very different in how the aroma pronounces than any other Flavorah I have tried.
Vape- At 1% I wished I had started at .5% because at 1% I tasted a normal to a bit upper strength powdery grape flavor similar to a Grape Pixy Stix. I went to 1.5% instead of 2% and it just got stronger and I could feel a stingy throat hit. I decided to stop testing at 1.5%, this is strong enough for my findings.
My Thoughts- Although not my kind of flavor Grape Candy lovers will enjoy this. IMO I do not see a lot of uses for it. I was hoping for a Concord Grape. Nonetheless, it is a good and sweet and clean tasting e-liquid, just not a lot of uses to apply this flavor for me. I would only recommend this flavor for the candy type and sweet tooth DIYers.

                                                             Ginger Snaps

Aroma-Very nice with Ginger and Cookie notes. Very clean smell with nothing offensive in the mix. Just smelling the bottle makes me want to go get a bag and a cup of coffee.
Vaped- At 1% I could barely taste the Ginger and am disappointed that it is not any stronger than it is at 1%. At 2% it came to life a little more but not what I hoped it would. Could still use at 2% as an accent or addition. At 3% this can be vaped as a decent stand alone for me. Nice clean flavor with no funky after taste like I have gotten in other Ginger types. Could start a build at 3% but I think I will start at 4% or even 5%.
My Thoughts- This Ginger is more balanced than most with no harshness and really like this part of the flavor. My only complaint is the strength. I like my bakery flavors to be strong because I tend to use lots of flavors and like to keep my total recipe percent under 12% if possible. Still though, this flavor has a lot of possibilities and I would recommend for bakery projects.


Aroma- Yes, citrusy, green Lemongrass without any chemical smell in sight as I have found in another brand I have tried in the past. This has a very realistic scent going on.
Vaped- I started with .5% and am glad I did. .5% was a great standalone for me and tells me I can use this at .1% to .3% as a note. I went to 1% and it just gets stronger with no change, this is great and stopped at 1% because I know that 2% to 3% is just going to be too much of this flavor for me.
My Thoughts- Alright!!! This is what I’m looking for, clean realistic flavor with low flavor use ability and makes it an automatic recommendation for recipes calling for this flavor. This is the only Lemongrass that I can enjoy as a stand alone vape and very impressed with this flavor. High recommendations for this flavor. I will enjoy experimenting with this.

                                                            Thai Chai

Aroma-Herbs, Teas, Floral, and somewhere a faint smell of (not sure) Banana? Very pleasant aroma with no offense whatsoever and clean with no chemical odor.
Vaped-At 1% tastes like a herbal, fruity, earthy, floral, woody and lots of things going on here. I like this and it is different. I have not had good luck with other Thai Chai flavors as I did not care for them. This one I may can do something with. I only tried this at 1% because I thought it was plenty strong for me at 1%.
My Thoughts- Although the strength is where I like, I am limited in my ability to use this flavor as it is not one I am familiar with. I will however recommend this one to the tea DIYers out there. I will experiment with this one as it is the first Thai Chai flavor that did not offend me.

Conclusions- I think 4 0f 5 were a hit for me and the only one that did not impress me much was the Grape. I would prefer a Concord over a Grape candy flavor, but that’s just because of like and dislike and has nothing to do with the quality because it is there.
Of all I tried the two flavors that lacked strength were Cupcake Batter and Ginger Snap. They are great flavors, I only think they need to be strong enough to be used at lower percentages.
I rate all 5 flavors as a whole at 4.5 stars. If the Gingersnap and Cupcake Batter had been stronger, I would give 5 stars.

Here are a couple of Flavorah creations made along with other brands;



Nice reviews and write up! :grinning:

Let’s hope Brendan keeps’em coming!


Excellent review. Thanks for the time you took to write it up!

Question - I’ve not used the Thai Chai yet but when smelling it i’m thinking it would make a great cookie with some lemon notes added. Do you agree and if so what would you say would be a good starting %, especially if I wanted to add some nuts to the mix?


You know, because you mentioned it, I think it would make a nice cookie. Would be interesting to try out. I would start at 1% to 2% and go up to preference and for myself I would probably start out at 1.5% and go up as for me 1% standalone is pretty pronounced.


I’m eagerly waiting for the tobacco beta’s :grinning:


I read a review about the Thai Chai from someone who mixed it at 7% and liked it. He said it tasted a little minty at first but that completely went away with a good steep. Based on that review I mixed it at 5%, I figured I could always add some. I tried some today after about 11 days of steeping and the minty flavour is still there, so I will give it a bit longer. There is indeed a faint banana note in there. It is not unpleasant but I think it will really blossom with some more time.
The Ginger Snap I mixed at 2% and you’re right, it is nice but it could be a little stronger.


7% of that Thai Chai would have been cloying to me but I also understand other people have different desires. I have a friend who loves TFA Coconut extra at 10% and I cannot vape it past 1.5%.


It was the first review I read on this flavour so I thought I’d be a little more conservative with 5% :grinning: Time will tell!


That was me who wrote the review that you are referring to…Actually, the minty went away during the vape session…as the tank warmed up…Total vape session for that was about 2 hours one evening…The changes that took place were very delightful…Flavorah advertises on their site that their flavors require a reduced steep time in general…Which, for fruits is certainly the case…cuz at 4 to 5 days they taste very nice…not only do the fruits steep quickly…they also change rapidly over time in the bottle…indicating to me that they are not stable flavors…Because of that, I mix in small batches…Generally at 40/60 PG/VG

I mix at somewhat higher flavor %s for Mouth to Lung hitting at lower power…which certainly is a departure from those who mix at lower %s for Sub-Ohm or Dripping at high watts…My style of vaping requires me to use higher flavor %s for a variety of reasons including those mentioned above as well as coil/wick surface area …and the fact that I mix for a very bold vape flavor experience…

Yeah, the Thai Chai is an excellent flavor with complexities that make for an extremely interesting vape experience…Some who have reviewed this flavor have reported that they have NOT tasted the mint essence, which I find very interesting, as well…Could be any number of reasons for that…equipment… PG/VG ratios…steeping…taste buds…perhaps flavor batches from the manufacturer…Just goes to show the Subjective nature of taste…I like Thai Chai, and will find myself experimenting with this, at least for the duration of the bottle…I hope you find pleasing results with yours :slight_smile:


I rather enjoyed the sneak peak I had. The minty flavour was not overpowering but very subtle. I’m not really a mint lover so overly minty would have spoiled it for me. :grinning: