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Flavorah Tasting Notes


Their pricing structure is such that they are the same price no matter what. I’d go directly through Flavorah. ELRECIPES should give 20% off, but I don’t think it works on bigger sizes. I’m pretty sure ECX, Nicotine River, BCV, and Gremlin all have Flavorah flavors as well. Check http://e-liquid-recipes.com/resources#shops for discount codes. Most of the time it is ELRECIPES, but a few are ELR or something else.


Nicotine River has them cheaper than direct from FLV


@JoJo you guys are awesome, thank you!


Ask, and ye shall receive.

A long while back, I talked with Brendan at Flavorah about adding more tobacco flavors to the Flavorah lineup; whether or not he was planning that addition in the future. He assured me, even though he’s not a tobacco guy, he was eventually going to boot out more tobaccos. He kept his word.

I’ve been sent the 5 prototype tobaccos to test batch and review. Right now, they are simply labeled Prototype Tobacco #1,2,3,4 and 5.

I have no clue as to what tobacco flavor profiles exists in each one of these bottles. To date, I’ve never done a blind taste test with any concentrates. This should prove to be fun, challenging and slightly unnerving.

I’m the next contestant on “Stump the Tobacco Guy!”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The fun begins! :grinning:


I can’t wait to hear the results.


I can see how that could be everything you describe but one thing is for sure , they sent them to the right person!
I don’t mix tobacco , unless you consider RY4 double a tobacco.
However I have recently found a store mix that I kinda enjoy , Pop’s Pipe from Good Life.If Flavorah can get the tobacco’s like the majority of their other flavorings , I would give them a go.
Have fun and we will await your results!


Me too. This should be interesting!


I agree. I did get an email from Brendan about new flavours they were developing and he was going to send out various samples in the coming months. I hope these tobacco’s will be among them :yum:


Yup, RY4 DBL is in the tobacco realm. :yum: It’s my wife’s fav tobacco flavor; it was THE tobacco flavor that got her off the stinkies!

For me, personally, the caramel and vanilla in most RY4 blends tend to cover up the tobacco a bit too much; over the past 6 months or so, I’ve gone a bit hardcore on wanting to taste the full flavor of whatever tobacco I’m vaping. :kissing_heart::dash:


I just received another tobacco prototype from Brendan. :grinning:

It seems like this one is in the tobacco absolute category; super viscous liquid. Upon a quick smell and finger taste test, the concentrate has a pleasant, but sharp and bitter, dark molasses tobacco flavor. I’m guessing this might be one of those tobacco concentrates which needs to be diluted down into a mixing friendly tincture. :thinking:


He told me he was going to send you another one :grinning:


Haven’t test batched #6 yet, but I’m hoping it’s as vapable as the other five. There’s one that I can’t quite get a handle on the profile. Perhaps after vaping it solo in a tank one day soon, I can nail it down. :thinking:


Welcome to my world!! Haha, it’s fun but damn does it take a long time to establish baselines and shit.

There’s nothing like getting handed a 100 bottles with a white label saying nothing but, “Mango 1, Mango 2…”

Puts your skills to the test huh :wink:


Well, the 6th tobacco prototype bottle did have a white label with a prototype name written on it . :thinking: I’m trying not to let that name cloud my judgement on the concentrate; finding it rather fun to put my taste buds through their paces. :wink:


Well, with the #6 tobacco prototype, Flavorah has created a concentrate which mimics a N.E.T. just about perfectly!

I mixed up three test batches of the #6 prototype last night; at 1%, 2% and 3%, figuring I was going to let them steep for a week or two before testing. When I was making the 2% batch, I screwed up and added a drop or two more than was needed, so I put that sample aside and made another one, true to the 2%.

Instead of just ditching the mistake 2% batch, I put it on a dripper just to see how it tasted…and BAM! I thought to myself…I’ll never have to make my own NET again! It’s right here in this bottle!

My first impression is that the #6 prototype lends itself to being a beautiful marriage of leaves which make up a fine cigar! Nicaraguan maduro, Habano Ecuador ligero, Honduran grown Cuban-seed leaf…Whatever it is, the result is a fantastic combination which produces a wonderful cigar NET like vape!

Slap me silly, but this is what the #6 prototype tasted like after a quick shake and vape! There’s no telling what it will taste like after sitting on the steep shelf for a month or six! I’m vaping some right now at a ratio of 50pg/50vg, 2 grams concentrate with 6mg nicotine. I could swear I was vaping some of Clay’s cigar NET from Naturally Extracted Tobacco (dot) Com.

It will be a while before these prototypes will be released to the public, but keep your eyes on Flavorah, they’re soon to have some top quality tobacco concentrates on the market. :grinning:


Good news, Bad news…

Bad news first. Flavorah will probably not be releasing the NET cigar flavored concentrate (#6 prototype). Why? Well, it was actually a NET. Deeming FDA regs will more than likely halt it’s release. Flavorah doesn’t want to be caught up in anything, “real tobacco” oriented. :pensive: I’m really sad about this, 'cause 1% or less was all you needed for a great cigar vape; nothing else was needed in the mix…truly a stand alone concentrate.

Take a long walk on a short pier FDA! :rage:

Good news. Flavorah is bottling up a Kentucky Blend which has just as much, if not more, character as the Red Burley. Woot!

Briefly reviewed:

#4 prototype - Kentucky dark fire cured pipe/cigar tobacco; dark, full bodied, almost pungent in nature, but not as pungent as say, Latakia or Perique; nicely aromatic; slightly bitter; picking up on some nut and caramel qualities; Medium ash content.

Mixed at 5%, 40pg/60vg; would mix at 3% as primary tobacco.

Good things to come! :wink:


Sorry for the huge lettering…mobile copy and paste post gone wonky!


For real!! I’m bummed, but I’m glad they’re keeping the tobacco flavors at least. They seem like they do them well. :slight_smile:


Are they still allowed to give them away? They can send their leftovers to my address, it’s almost my birthday!!! :innocent:[quote=“Kinnikinnick, post:13, topic:59009”]
Good news. Flavorah is bottling up a Kentucky Blend which has just as much, if not more, character as the Red Burley. Woot!

Still waiting for them to be released and stocked in Europe :expressionless:


I ordered a dozen flavors from them on Monday , I left a message that I was wanting to order some of the new flavors that wasn’t listed.
None of the Tobacco’s but I did get Macaroon and Mango thrown in with a Thank you note! Yay , Happy Dance!
I do love Flavorah and what they are doing!