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Flavorah Tasting Notes


Ok…y’all southern Praline experts have me convinced, and believe me, it isn’t easy for a Motor City boy to say ‘y’all’. Sounds like the Praline spores might be better served on a pizza, with pepperoni blend. I knew I wouldn’t be using it as a single flavor mix, so my brain automatically puts it in the tobacco complimentary flavor list. The initial whiff of the flavoring picked up on the sweetness, but not the pecan (or moldy pecans).

Thanks for the mushroom alert. I honestly don’t get the good vibes, thinking of the tobacco & mushroom flavor pairing. (where’s the green yack smiley when you need it?)

On a much more pleasant note, I treated my Kayfun Lite+ V2 to a disassembly & spa treatment in the USC, re-wicked with rayon, and filled with Hangsen Turkish & a splash of INW Gold Ducat.

Absolutely dynamite. Even the thought of moldy pecans can’t spoil this.


I have a tester from 7/1 that I made and it’s definitely better. Fungamunga does eventually go away, it seems, but IMO it’s not worth it. I really love Flavorah flavors, but there are better options out there on this one.


Thank you for the conformation. I thought that it had improved as well but I still like conformation!


One last derail from tobacco…I tested a mix today with the pralines (been 4 weeks) and it’s definitely not mushroomy anymore. So it’s looking like 3-4 weeks for the shrooms to steep out in a mix and maybe more like 4-6 weeks for a single. Even at 4 weeks on the single I could still taste the mushroom, but like I said, I tried it again and it’s much better.


How dare you :smiling_imp:


I am thankful I have yet to get the dreaded mushroon from pralines. I will keep in mind to let it complete it’s steeping. I typically let mine steep a month but I remember testing pralines as a SnV and it was decent.

I have used it to push a nut note further w/ good results. Oh and that was at 1 drop per 10 mls lol dang that stuff is potent.


Does anyone have anymore recent notes on other flv tobacco flavors? I just tried Connecticut shade for the first time this weekend and I immediately was in love! It reminds me of a coffee, chocolate, caramel pipe tobacco! Just recently I’ve been playing around with tobacco vapes. For years I couldn’t even think about trying to mix or vape a tobacco flavor! I’ve been reading over different post the forum as well! @Kinnikinnick you seem to be the leaf expert :smile:


Well, @juice_junkie_lover … I have put all of my synthetic concentrates out to pasture for the long haul. My solace for tobacco juices would be 100% NET, which I produce myself.

If you’re looking for some really good Flavorah tobacco tasting notes… u/T_Mace on the Reddit has a gaggle of them listed. I jump over there every now and again to catch up on the r/diytobaccoejuice thread and to read T_Mace’s reviews… he does a bang up job of describing the concentrate. :wink:


Thanks for the information! I’ll look into it!


Two parts.

Part one:

Part two:


Good find @daath. These will be very useful.


Flavorah's New Flavors

Anyone else see this?



I am confused as to what exactly this is…


I guess someone put a page together with flavorah flavors, notes on each flavor, and recipes to go with that flavor. I thought it was interesting. Any thoughts?


Its a bit confusing to navigate but there are some good notes there.


Oh my gosh. These are amazing notes.
Looks like I need to be more detailed with my stash!!!
This was super informative. How flavor notes should be written!


Impressive notes. Much appriciated!!!
The time and patience you took to make this comprehesive list is astounding! @redruffensore


Has anyone been brave enough to try FLV Dragonfruit? It seems everyone has defaulted to using TFA’s version.


I have.
3% (SnV - tart and a little earthy. 1 week - still slightly tart, but not as earthy. Kinda weak now. 2 weeks - same. Slightly tart, but feels like it has lost a lot of flavor. 3 weeks - about the same as two. Slightly tart and earthy. 4 weeks - same. A little on the weak side, has mellowed quite a bit, but not a bad flavor overall.)