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Flavorah Tasting Notes


Surprised to see that no one has mentioned FLV’s Marshmallow, yet.

Testing singles of both PUR and FLV Marshmallow, going to see how they stack up. Both smell promising and after not having any luck with CAP, FA, or LA Marshmallow, I am hoping one of these will land a permanent spot in my stash.


what exactly are you looking for when it comes to marshmallow


The soft type of marshmallow, though FLV seems to be the kind that comes in cereal so far.


I think you will like it. To me it’s like a marshmallow cream. I should use it more but don’t remember it most of the time when creating.


Boysenberry FLV

Mixed 6-16-2017
(one tester at 2% and another at 3%, based on the review by u/ConcreteRiver @Reddit)

My thoughts…
Sadly, a bit disappointing after what I’ve read on the forums, and reviews on Reddit. I was really hoping for a strong Boysenberry syrup or jam flavor @ 3% (as stated by the review on Reddit). It’s got overtones that lean that direction, but far from solidly securing that objective. I also didn’t get the sweet notes that CR mentioned in the review. Though when I think sweet, I think Cap Sweet Strawberry as my point of reference.

It’s a really solid flavor though, but seems to be very temp sensitive (max of ~36w) and if I go much beyond that, it’s not what I’d describe as burning, but the flavor definitely shifts into a much less pleasant direction. At 2%, it seemed a bit more forgiving on the temp issue (tested up to 42w before starting to notice the shift), but it wasn’t quite as “present” as I had wanted.

Initial impressions are less than ideal, considering the price and the percentage requirement to maintain the flavor profile I’m looking for.

The actual flavor components are good, a bit of twang on the back side of a ripe berry, but just doesn’t fit the profile I’m looking for. It’s a bit “light and airy” while what I’m looking for is heavier and syrupy without reaching Cap S.SB sweetness.

Glad that I tried it though. And perhaps with some more time under the belt, or possibly another boysenberry as the lead, I’ll be able to achieve my goal. Either way, I can see potential for this. Better than average, but just not “there”


Great write up, did you find it floral at all? It doesn’t smell floral, but every recipe I put it into turns super floral and it took me a while to nail down Boysenberry as the culprit. From everything I had read, I too assumed it would be very jammy, syrupy and sweet. It tastes like that at first, but after a steep, it turns quite floral.


Not floral in the least. Anytime I hear that, I think percentages are probably to high, or it hasn’t steeped long enough.

If not either of those, maybe your flavor has headed south, or was possibly bad to start with. Outside of that, no clue bud.



I know @Pro_Vapes posted this earlier in the thread, but…

Have to agree with this Reddit review of FLV Fig! @DarthVapor was kind enough to send me a bottle of this concentrate from BCV not too long ago… thanks pookie! :kissing_heart: You’re the ginchiest! :innocent:

The FLV Fig is a very, very nice concentrate! No off taste/chemical note for me in the least. Heck… I might even have to do a NET hybrid mix with this flavor 'cause it’s so tasty! :slight_smile:️ After not touching a synth concentrate for months on end… at least the first one I did touch was a winner.


You are most welcome!! I immediately thought of you when I tested it for the first time! There was something about it, that just screamed tobacco for me.

I’m very happy to hear my speculations were correct and that you will get some use out of it :smiley:


For sure… the spouse likes it as well!

Forgot to add: I mixed the FLV Fig at 2%, 50p/50v as a stand alone vape; turned out great. I’ll probably back it down to 1 or 1.5% when mixing with a tobacco for a sweet little kick.


Not trying to rain on your parade brother… But figs are like raisins in my book: one of those flavors/textures that folks usually either love or hate! (kind of like fruitcake come to think of it!)

Personally just hearing either one mentioned makes me shudder. lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


DAMN! You moved on from FA Fig and didn’t tell me.


You would be surprised FLVs Oatmeal Raisin is a great flavor. I mixed it with Cap cereal 27 and came out with an authentic raisin bran! I mixed to strong tho and had to let it steep for like 5months lol i used 1% tooo much imo shiz is strong. I also use it in another recipe a cinnabon recipe where it adds just a touch of raisin to the cinnabun (yes in Canada “cinnabon” cinnamon rolls contain raisins :wink: usage was low around 0.08-0.17% and could still pick out the hint of raisin. I remember back when pen vapes were the thing and my friend vaped tobacco flaves and her car reaked of raisins, at the time i found it nauseating but our tastes develop as we grow older…


:rofl: I remember reading somewhere on ELR you weren’t a fan of the raisin. :poop: TFA raisin, in my opinion, should be used for roach or rat poison.

However, I did start out vaping Bobas Bounty… 'bout $800 worth of it; it definitely had a figgy/raisiny quality like no other juice I ever vaped. It might have changed your mind! :thinking:


:pensive: … sorry 'bout that @Pro_Vapes; I wouldn’t have, had it not been for the kindness of @DarthVapor. He’s always trying to get me off my NET train!

Like that one time he sent me some tobacco juice with Ylang Ylang in it!!! :scream: That stuff made me develop a “swish” in my walk! :rofl: And every time I met up with the guys at work, for some reason I would always address them with… “HEY GIRLS!” :flushed:


[quote=“mixologist13, post:133, topic:17689”]
You would be surprised… an authentic raisin bran![/quote]

No. No I wouldn’t. lol
The more authentic, the worse it is where raisins (aka deer pellets) are concerned. =P
Glad ya dig’em though! That means less taking up “the important space” on the fresh fruit shelves! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:


Oh i dont dare eat anything kellogs or General mills makes! Nothing but Iron scapings, mercury ridden glucose-fructose and gmo corn in them big name brand cereals. I buy non-gmo cereal only… I do love me a good cereal vape tho


This turned out really good using flv sweet fig!


Love me some fruitcake! what…

Visited the Kellogs plant as a innocent 4th grader. Couldn’t eat cereal for YEARS after that. I was a grown adult before I tried cereal again.

I haven’t read all the way thru this thread so I hope this isn’t redundant.
I have noticed that Flavorah is great for shake n vape. Are all of the flavors like that?


For the most part I would say so with a few exceptions. Alpine strawberry definitely needs a week or 2 steep to shine. I would say I love 90% of they’re flavors. I hate they’re cereals and fried dough. They give me a nasty taste…like yeast or something musky.