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Flavorah Tasting Notes



I can just imagine if MF would work as a SnV! It would be the crack equivalent for the vaping world IMO. Incredibly accurate flavors that you’re instantly addicted to! :flushed:


FLV peanut butter
2 testers prepared on 7-21-2017 (1% and 2% respectively).

At one and two weeks in, initial thoughts when testing the 1% sample were “OmGosh, I’ve WAY overdone it with 2%!” Followed closely by, “Holy Shit, I need to at least halve this!” I was getting very little butter, and mostly the taste of the thin little membrane that’s between the nut and the shell. (Not my favorite section of peanuts, but an almost required aspect of it, as experienced while eating a handful of boiled peanuts.)

At one and two weeks in, 2% tests shared the above experience, only more potent.

I’m glad I kept to procedure at this point though. Because if I had tried to judge it there, I’d have not had the full picture, or what I term “proper data” (which is the primary reason I’m posting this, as lately some are assuming that they have “all they need to know” after only a couple weeks.).

At a month in things have settled into place with much more finnesse, and acceptable usability.

1% is much more tame, much less accent on the membrane aspect, though it’s still much more prominent than what I’d prefer. But I’m still not sure if it would stand up to a grape or strawberry flavor well. My gut tells me that it’s going to be best when complemented with something like DIYFS expert peanut butter (which I don’t have yet, but @Beaufort_Batches highly recommends), OR it’s going to be limited to being used solely as a “nut” flavor (think peanuts in a Snickers bar, or else sprinkled over the top of a sundae.)

2% is where I think it needs to be as a lead note (with a month steep obviously), but I think the most common use is going to be 0.75 to 1% (when combined with a ‘more proper’ lead note) in any kind of peanut butter application.

For those whose had the “misfortune” of having it, it reminds me very much of a product that came out in the 80’s called “Laura Scudder’s” peanut butter. which was supposed to be an ‘all natural’ peanut butter… Nasty AF for those who think Jif or Peter Pan is what peanut butter should be like. LMAO
(To those who like Laura Scudder… Look no further!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s definitely a useful and good flavor. It’s just “a tool” (or booster) in my book. Improperly marketed as peanut butter, as I think it should be called peanuts. Lol though YMMV.

Thanks for enduring my ramblings. :wink:


How about FLV Peanut Butter at 4%? :slight_smile: I think the peanut skin taste is why I love my Monkey Nuts recipe so much. One thing I found is it does tend to round off a bit after a month steep.


I think your peanuts must be bigger than mine…

2% is more than enough for me at the moment.
We’ll see if mine continue to grow as experience with this particular vine matures. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you have the flavors I’d love to hear your thoughts. Maybe mix up 10 ml.


Sadly, the only one I have in common is the PB


The fact you all are mixing in %'s, and not drops… or points of the gram… blows my mind. No wonder half of you think its shit… #overflavorcity




Just out of curiosity, who here references FLV’s safety page and uses their recommended percentages? I find that a lot of them are wrong, but I know that FLV is made for vaping, so these percentages are for nothing but that.

Anyone else ever use these percentages as a tool, or are they just not right?..


I was told the percentages on the safety page are old and have not been updated yet. I would start most flavors at 1% and work up or down from there. There are several flavors that you definitely should start below 1% like Alpine, Rich Cinn, Clove, and any dough flavor.


I have to agree… Hi… my name is Smoky… and I use drops… flv drops!
each drop is .02 grams or .02ml. I hate percentages and being the fact! these are ultra concentrates… the price alone should be a clue. You can flavor push these… but you are just wasting your $, as you can achieve the same taste by using drops… go grab a 10ml… a few… pick a flavor… add a drop… next bottle add 2 drops… I make believers every time.

Know what you mix with and how to use it… low to high, less is better, less is more… and less is cheaper… :slight_smile:
check my site out… http://flvfan.com or find me on facebook, look for flvfan! :slight_smile:

Hello Cloud Chemist! :slight_smile: this thread blows my tongue out!

Tag me if you want… I have so much going on, otherwise I will miss out…


LoL I know what that is… it’s my site…
thanks Juice Junkie… you are a jewel! :blush:


@Cloud_Chemist and @SmokyBlue

What Wattage/Power/Temp do you vape at?
Hardware/mod? (tank/rda/etc)
Liquid ratio? (max VG/50-50/etc)
Style? (DL or MTL)


Right now, and most days EDC is my Boxer 188W; 96.6W on .22 dual 26x2*40
fused clapton. 80/20 and DL.
I do have a squonker that I run 18650 mech on .33 24ga, 14mm RDA for MTL.

Either way, FLV and most super supers, like MF, FLV, etc, should always be
mixed starting points in drops. Very few flavors even need to mix at
percentages, or even fractions of a percentages, like creams and cakes;
some I can see at .25, and .5 AT THE MOST for 1-2 of the creams FLV has,
but that’s if you want to taste the cream. Most the time, it’s just a
binder for a recipe.

Ian Myers - Owner/Operator


I am normally a rda user… I do tanks as well… but mostly rda’s…
ohms, range from .25 up to 1.1, watts from 20 up to 80…

I am highly allergic to pg, so everything I use, is as max as you can get… I hate the taste of nicotine.
I do mtl and dtl… varies…

my elr link: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/?filter=28997

Flv fan site http://flvfan.com/
FB FlvFan Page https://www.facebook.com/FLVFan/
FB FlvFan Group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/FLVFan/?source_id=793838934131936


Notes for three flavors I bought recently. Sorry about the gap between 3 and 6 weeks. My sister’s wedding and then a Prob and Stats exam meant I didn’t have time.
The format is:
Flavor Name | Rating | Single % | Mixing %

Cookie Dough | 5 stars | 1.5% | 0.5%
Tested at 2%, 40/60 PG/VG, no nic.
Kylin RTA - 0.25ohm dual coil SS; VT133 - TC
SnV - Not getting a whole lot from this yet. Mostly just a sweet flavor.
Rewicked Kylin with Hemp
1 week - Definitely sweet. Maybe getting a doughy bit in the background. Not sure.
2 weeks - much more like the cookie dough I was expecting. Very brown sugar sweet, no chocolate chips, a little bit of the floury dough.
3 weeks - Same. Much more like cookie dough now. Very good.
6 weeks - Tastes like cookie dough. I like it.

Frosting | 4 stars | Not a SF | ~2%
Tested at 2%, 40/60 PG/VG, no nic.
Kylin RTA - 0.25ohm dual coil SS; VT133 - TC
SnV - Just sweetness. Maybe a slight powdered sugar frosting vibe?
Rewicked Kylin with Hemp
1 week - Same. Mostly just a semi-dry sweetness.
2 weeks - Same. Like a powdered sugar glaze or gingerbread frosting more than a buttercream or cake frosting. Dry.
3 weeks - Same again. Like a powdered sugar frosting.
6 weeks - Same. Like a powdered sugar frosting.

Hibiscus | 5 stars | 3% | 1%
Tested at 2%, 40/60 PG/VG, no nic.
Kylin RTA - 0.25ohm dual coil SS; VT133 - TC
SnV - Flowery, sweet, and a little musky.
Rewicked Kylin with Hemp
1 week - Really enjoying this. It’s floral and reminds me of the islands. Looking forward to trying it in my strawbiscus tea and with other tropical flavors.
2 weeks - I think I might be in love with this flavor. It’s more sweet than bright floral. A very understated tropical flowery flavor in a musky sweetness. It’s perfect.
3 weeks - Super nice tropical floral flavor.
6 weeks - Definitely one of my new favorite flavors and I’m excited to start playing with it.


That Cookie Dough is going in my basket :yum:

Thanks for the info :smiley:


For some reason the cookie dough tastes and smells like celery to me, haha. My first mix was 1.5 and another at 2%. I tried again at 1…same thing? I have since lowered to .5 to give it another chance. Must be me :slight_smile:


Oh if only it was the other way round and celery tasted of cookie dough :weary:. I shall start low with that one then, and add it to my vegetable bake if necessary :laughing:


Huh that’s weird. Another example of taste being subjective. :stuck_out_tongue: There are some flavors that people seem to be nuts about (Inawera Biscuit comes to mind) that I just can’t stand. Real cookie dough has kind of a weird flavor to me and this seems to mimic that floury, baking soda, brown sugar, egg kinda gist pretty accurately.