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Flavorah's Free Recipe Book


No No Nooooo! No%20No%20No


Not even close.



IMO :stuck_out_tongue: lolol

different chocolates, true… and I wish I could give a taste of my dark chocolate out…
but I am contracted not to. :frowning: but I too know decent delectable deep dark and nutty chocolate… <3
drools :smiley:


I’m absolutely sure you do.


Wow… thanks for posting this. I didn’t know it had been published yet! Looking forward to receiving the hard copy. It looks wonderful.


Said some of your recipes! Whoot!!


Thanks for sharing :+1:


I think your other recipe with a typo is for Circus Peanuts. It has Caramel listed twice…


What an excellent resource for Flavorah to make available. Thank you!


Awesome find, I see a flavor order in the near future. :grinning:


In the back of the book, they bundle what flavors you need for each recipe!
The more I look through it the more I realize this could be a good beginner book for anyone starting, even if they don’t use flavorah!


The one thing I don’t like about this recipe book is there is little to no reference to how FLV CONCENTRATES interact with other flavors. As everyone know there is no single flavor manufacturer that does every single flavor right. But the lack of how to use FLV Concentrates with other flavor brands is a big let down for me. I use a lot of FLV, but not exclusively. So is this recipe book beneficial for me… NOPE!


I don’t think you can really blame them for that. No brand is going to give information on how to mix their products with the ones from their competition.
You’ll need an independent mixer to do that instead.


Just My Opinion Then… They still missed an opportunity, because there are many higher rated recipes that use FLV… just not only FLV.

As far as I know only 2 of those mixers in the recipe book use primarily FLV.


@Pro_Vapes i thought i heard brendon say on fresh03 thst they will be doing recipes with other brands in their next book , people have to submit them though

i could be wrong though


Sounds to me like they are trying to get people to use more of their flavors. Might work if they do another book showing how well their flavors do with other brands.


I feel you. I’m 98% a tobacco guy, but I can’t really do all FLV tobacco recipes because so many of them share the same base flavor, and too much of that flavor tastes like dryer sheets to me. If they opened up the next recipe book for other flavors, though, I could get down with that. There’s two things I rarely do: wear black without the blue, and use FLV tobaccos without INW tobaccos.


Thanks for sharing.
Reading this makes me want to buy some of their flavors now.