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Flavorah's Free Recipe Book


Feel free to grab Flavorah’s 1st anniversary free recipe book.


Thank you!


Cheers Mate :+1:


Nice to see Flavorah crediting some of the well known mixers in the community, including some active ELR members.


Thanks for sharing, I did get the email earlier today, so I’m glad somebody linked it already.


WOW @Suomynona THAT is a great find !!!


Thanks . I’ll have to add to my collection


Don’t thank me, I just shared. Thank @Flavorah and all the mixers that contributed to it like @DarthVapor, @SmokyBlue, @Silhouette, @Alisa, @Amy2, @Paine_Vapes, @Jbird, @Laura5, Kopel, ID10-T, Fear, Jenn Jarvis, SlashaLo, ConcreteRiver, Tootall, JJ1977, ShakenVape007 and whoever else I forgot :wink:


Thanks for the link @Suomynona


Awesome! Thank you!


I just got mine in the mail yesterday. it is so awesome!


Nice work on contributing on this, I would be very proud and happy to see my work like this. Congratulations, and looking forward to seeing more, also thanks for sharing your art, passion and hard work! Good stuff, some times doing what you love has rewards. In that I am grateful for your and others that contributed.


Yeah. I was shellshocked when I received it, been sending them my work for months now. Some of the recipes in print are not the percents they are now. Mostly they are lowered, but in the end it’s about the flavor pairings!
Thank you! And everyone is welcome to contribute! Give it a shot and see your recipes in the next book! I believe the process is in the book somewhere!


I know we have had our differences but your recipes are creative and I follow you on here! I am happy you contribute to this site!


eh, not worried on differences, I only try to understand what and why we all do what we do, Laura…
Nothing personal at all… Hope you remember that! :slight_smile: <3

The book turned out just gorgeous, and I was tickled to be part of it. The layout etc was super smooth, just like the flavors we all love! :slight_smile:


@Laura5 i understand what your saying , smoky and i have had our disagreements but i believe in my heart she is just trying to help everyone be the best mixer they can be , there are a lot of variables when it comes to mixing , i was a person who wouldny give FLV a second chance after i mixed a couple of their flavors bc they were horrible , it turned out i was mixing them Wayyyy too high but im all in now with FLV my last two big orders have came directly from their company


Very true, I usually started way to high on many of the flavors, I will say I my findings that there’s gonna be good and bad with almost all of the companies though, at any percentage used. Now if we could just get the perfect Cherry, chocolates, and coffees, the latter I despise but still needs to be addressed. It would be nice.


yes i agree , i could live with INW cherries , and MF dark chocolate may be the missing choco for you, i havent had a coffee that i can live with yet ,


Thanks. Haven’t tried Flavorah yet. This recipe book will be a great intro to them. I’ll be looking through the recipes, pick out a couple to try, and head to Bull City to prepare an order.


I dunno @fidalgo_vapes:stuck_out_tongue:
Rather keen on Rainier Cherry and that chocolate duetsch…
Just add in some custard and watch me melt! :hugs:

the coffee flv has… try it around .2-.4% with a touch of caramel and whipped cream… (or just cream)…

there is a typo on 2 of my recipes, I believe from my end.
Ghost burrial is missing blueberry at the same amount of the raspberry…

and one other… im not looking at it now, but when I find it again, will post up the fix.