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Flavoring for a E Liquid that I'm dying to make


I’m working on something.

Watermelon sour liquid
500g VG
300g PG

200g flavor

80g sweet Watermelon
60g Watermelon
60 g sweetener

Too much sweetness? Help.


You’re testing a kilo of e-liquid, do I get that right?
Ever thought about a 10ml, 15ml testing sample?


Nevermind the amounts… 6% sweetener (assuming you’re talking about TPA Sweetener) will mute your juice so much you’re not going to taste anything anymore after 2 weeks.


Just taste Sucro, yuk !! And we used to pay big money to vape SWEEEEEEETTTTTT strawberry, taste buds did a U Turn since I started DIYing. Just a couple of Drops of sweetner now, if even at all.

  1. What brand watermelons/sweet are you going to be using?

  2. How much liquid are you trying to make, in ML?

  3. Have you tried this recipe out first?