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Flavors to avoid at all costs!


Fried Chicken (SC)(RF) is good and in a couple of my recipes so far but then I’m a strange old bastard with bizarre tastes.

Orange Cream (LA) = Useless at any % all I get is a chemical taste like carburetor cleaner.

Pralines And Cream (LA) = Another one that tastes like parts dip to me, More like Brake Kleen I’d say for this one.

Even I draw the line at vaping juice that smells like Dow Chemical Co.

Maple (Pancake Syrup) (Cap) This isn’t bad so much as deadly potent and will obliterate everything else in the mix. Start at .00 something. LOL


Yes I can see how a list of top used flavours is handy to have in a ‘Flavours to avoid’ thread…
Oh no wait…
No I can’t…
I’m sure those flavours are happy that you like them though.
And we all like to make flavours happy :grin:.


Punch House by solub arome, luckily got this as a freebie, whatever you do don’t buy it, it’s absolutely disgusting waste of PG/VG and Nic, oh and a bottle cause your not gonna get that taste out of it.
Not sure if it’s my pallet but this tastes like rubbing alcohol, not that I’ve ever drunk that, although you could also liken it to really cheap vodka, yuk :dizzy_face:


yep and I’m seeing they no longer make it so maybe they knew it sucked too LOL


I would like to add i wasted 10 bucks on 30ml of

FA pineapple