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Flavors to avoid at all costs!


I’ve never even heard of the brand “One On One”. Those are all really good flavors but not by that brand. Cookie Dough I use TPA or Capella, Crème BBrulee I use it by FW - Flavor West and I use Toasted Marshmallow by TPA, but other brands might be good too. Obviously not One On One, Thanks for the heads up. Does that brand make any ANY good flavors? How did you end up buying from such an unknown company?


Avoid Jungle Flavors Watermelon. I have never tried any of their other flavors, but that one is really bad. Garbage worthy. I’ve got about 5 watermelon brands – accumulated in my search for a good Watermelon. That 's one of those flavors that can be ‘real’ or ‘candy’ type, so first of all… you’ve got to know which you want and which a brand is like.

While i’m typing in this thread, I must add TPA Raison is not all that bad as an additive and if you steep it. I find it irriplacable in my Apple mix, and I do not like cinnamon in my apple mix. I use Waffle TPA and Toffee (no particular brand), but I often use TPA Toffee.

I’m finding that Cake Batter TPA is very versatile along with some Custard TPA, sweetener and optional Vienna Cream to add to any fruit or fruit mix. I am going to keep it on hand in a bottle (all mixed up) on hand to make a quick tank fill. I often fill my tanks by putting in this and that. I add my single flavor pre-steeps, and a little vg/pg/nic mix to thin it out and zap… I get a good tank after a quick shake. Yesterday I put in some Medicine Flower berries of Strawberry, Blueberry and one drop Watermelon and one drop Cherry… MAN was it yummy with the TPA Van. Custard, Cake Batter and Stevia. Yum Yum, Yum, Yum.
Ok…Guys can we start a new thread for “NEW Flavors”. Well, I’m going to look for something similar. I got a few ejuices in my Zamplebox that have got me curious. ??? Is there a brand of Marshmello that tastes like marshmello and is not just a sweetener? Is there a cotton candy that tastes like it similarly? Thanks for any reply.


I’m a newbie. Learning a lot. I was wondering if you have posted a review on this recipe?
Thanks Donna.


Not sure which recipe? I don’t really remember what came of the watermelon thing. I’m not a huge fan of melon vapes as it turns out. Although, the Delosi watermelon really is spectacular. As is Flavorah’s wild melon. Aside from that, I can’t say. If I do use melons, those are usually the two I turn to.


Damn You nailed it! Ringling I might throw it away!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This post is quite old now and I can update a little. I did play a little with some Mtype and it needs very small amounts. Start at .5% and adjust to taste. Pretty much the same with the Red Type. If you have Western then you can start at 10%. The rest of them I never played with again. Gave those away…


I made a new batch a week ago and that was what I did 5%
Thanks !


Just honeydew in general, I don’t think i’ll find one I like, put it where it belongs in the trash.


honeydew tpa is the greatest , taste is obviously subjective lol but a real nasty flave is CRUNCH CEREAL FLAVORAH NASTY


@ringling Sorry riding on an old thread, but i’ve struggled finding a cherry flavour too. Too many bottles of s### went down the drain, it really took a while but i’ve found a good solution here: ice cream flavor vendor. These are pg based flavours for ice cream from eisaromen-shop.de at ridiculous prices. 50ml bottles as smallest bottle. My personal preference is BELOW 5%. I’m pretty sure you’ll find alike.

btw it’s my first post here, please keep the flamethrower holstered :wink:


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I like Cap grenadine. Use it in two mixes. Both around 2% never tried it solo lol. Makes a mean shirley temple tho


I like it too, I use it in three or four recipes.


Hi Amy2

Fair play to you for making INW Cactus work for you, and thanks for all the info my sister is a vegetarian. So this info will come in handy for DIY.

Although I have seen it in stores, the only way I would mix it for myself is if it had peyote in front of it :grin:

This is a great thread & luckily I’ve not got any flavours that are in the lists.

I am only on post 28 of 214 though.

Wish me luck this is my first post.

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Welcome @Shane18 & yes good luck ! Peyote huh


Thank you @Amy2 :grin:

This thread is great and is just what I was looking for

I’m about to buy some more flavours and wanted to do some investigation, perfect :slight_smile:


Decadent Vapours’ Brekzest :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Goosebumps from head to toe, yikes!


Liquid Barn Creme Brule smelled and tasted like black olives to me I shit canned it


Chicken and waffle by tfa. Sounded ambitious and who doesn’t love sweet and savory but omg was the execution horrible! Lol


Honeydew was actually one of the first vape flavors I loved but I vaped it too much, now i can’t stand it. The same thing happened to me with FA Yogurt. Loved it, over vaped it, now dislike it. Also, watermelon, I ruined it for myself.
So, 60ml is the biggest bottles I’ll make nowadays, lol.