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Flavors to avoid at all costs!


I didn’t mean to rain on your parade. :pensive: I do think there’s merit in people sharing about certain flavors, especially the ones they absolutely love or hate. I just don’t think it can be a ‘resource’ as much as something like the flavor pairing list or the beginner’s stuff.


Agreed. I was under the impression that DIY Juice reviews was to review complete recipes that either you or someone else made. But, like you said, we do have certain “review” threads for most of the major vendors. @daath, would it be possible to make those posts sticky?


I see your point , however, I guess when I saw: “Put your reviews on DIY-liquids here!” on under that section, that meant DIY liquids from manufacturers.

Be that as it may, I’ll put them wherever people can find them easily, in the most logical place, for all to take advantage of the reviews. I’m a big fan of the search bar on this forum; it will usually find what your looking for with one word. I hope people take advantage of that as much as I.


I think I’ll move those reviews to the “Flavors” section. Agreed? A bit more logical place for reviews???


I’ll happily sticky stuff for you guys. Create a thread with sticky-requests in the lounge, and I’ll act on that :smile:


I guess? LoL I think it makes sense either place, I was just saying that is what I thought that meant. I could be totally wrong. I’m glad we have them, though. And yeah, I love the search here. Super easy to use, obvious, and great functionality.


Done and done!

B type personality people will stick things just any ole place!


I have tried INW 's cactus and tried it again. I do not like it. It really is a weird flavor that taste like no cactus I ever had. ( not that I run around eating it lol ) im vegetarian but heck I like other things.

Also I believe vanilla bean gelato is going to be a mixer no stand alone off tasting not at all like VBIC in which it was meant to replace for diketone free version.

Hasen VBIC too much chemical taste in the vanilla.
TFA blackberry use way below suggested is overpowering and tart.

TFA cantaloupe chemical like does not seem true to the fruit.

Signature (TFA) hypnotic odd and funky I
kinda like it then I kinda don’t. Definitely go low on it.

Capella’s they hardly make anything bad well their V2 piña colada started out so nice and a week later ruined a batch was so profoundly harsh not sure why this was but heads up its a steeper so start low !

Signature ( TFA ) honey 2 drops in 10mls will overpower strange it’s a toss if I like it depends what goes with it.

Fresh Fig FA again odd and not true I will have to use it again and go lower than average it seems

like it could be good.

That’s a few of the flavors I bought recently.

UPDATE: I do like Cactus INW it’s learning how and when to use it is the key !


So far i have only dumped one flavor out of utter dislike.

Grenadine (CAP)

I never even mixed with it. Before i mix with a flavor i use a drop in a shot glass of water. Well after i smelled, swished and swallowed the mixture i ended up with a sore tongue and mouth from the Listerine, toothbrush and my tongue scraper. Never again.


Not to say it ain’t true, but, once again this goes to show that taste is very subjective. I use the FA fresh fig in one of my ADV. To me, this fruit flavor is almost one of the most true fruit flavors I have in my collection. Go figure, huh?


I’m so glad you posted about how you have given up on finding a good Cherry flavor. You saved me a ton of $$. Recently I bought some Capella flavors … Lemon Sicily for example and I’m REALLY enjoying it all day yesterday and again this morning. I put it in a mix I made and didn’t really prefer called Baker Street (lemon custard) and oh, wow, yum, it is wonderful.

Seems so far that all the Capella flavors I got are very good. I made one mistake though and ordered Cherry Blast. Turns out it is a menthol flavor, and I don’t like menthol. I’m wondering if just a tad of menthol in some recipes might do something nice.

Back to the subject of a good Cherry. Have you found a way to mix several flavors and come up with something that tastes like a pretty good cherry? What’s the best you can do?

I’m still not completely happy with landing on a good Watermelon. BUT, I haven’t done enough experimenting yet. I bought LA and TFA Watermelon. Do you find you must add a drop or two of Strawberry to power it up? Who’s found a good watermelon recipe ? ? ? One to vape all day or a favorite?

My favorites right now/so far are Peaches and Pecans, Peach Custard with a drop of vanilla cupcake, Apple with this and apple with that, such as raison.

Oh ya… 2 days ago, I added 2 drops of moonshine to my apple. It was good and didn’t do anything bad to my coil.

I tried Irish Fairy but didn’t like it. It has Absinth in it. So, I added FA black licorice to it and it’s okay. Need to look up a good recipe containing black licorice. Oh - the “to do” list is quite long and getting longer.

I give up on trying to rebuild Kanger coils. It’s not worth it. I’m just going to buy them.
Hope you all have a wonderful day. Came looking for the thread “Which RBA are you going to buy next?” so I can send it to a friend on Facebook. She says she wants to know which to buy.


I’m sure a lot will say the Plume Veil… Me personally I’d say the new Velocity RDA. The 2 post design is a dream to build on and all the features are above adequate. That list is a little dated and there has been several new RBAs come out since the last post.

BTW did you ever mount your Clapton?

Which RBA are you going to buy next?"


One of the most popular recipes on ELR is the 6% Tiger’s Blood, and it has watermelon. But I haven’t tried it yet. I’m still working on getting a passable one, as most of what I’ve tried so far tastes like watermelon gum after you’ve been chewing it for a little while. Kinda that plasticy taste. I have LA, TPA, and Cap Sweet Watermelon. The one used in the Tiger’s Blood is TPA


No, and have given up mixing with cherry completely. Everything tastes like cherry cough medicine so what’s the point. A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, not for this guy…Glad you’re having such fun with your blending, and success as well. Happy Blending…


Hi Joya ! I love watermelon. I have a few watermelon recipes. I’ll add here and I can vape them ADV.

Watermelon and cream

This one of ROBIN’S is The Best honeypeary out there not watermelon thou just a honeydew but fantastic

This is one I always go back to and have kinda changed it almost every time I make it. It’s just a sweet strawberry watermelon depends on what I have on hand at the time. It’s sweet !

Last one but Cherry since we’re All looking for that cherry recipe. This one has worked for me and my fiancé !



I’ve tried the 5% and 6% tigers blood.

Both IMO need a good helping of sweetener (sucralose) for my tastes.

I’m not a huge watermelon fan though.

A guy in work absolutely loved 5% tigers blood as it is.

It’s that age old subjective taste again lol.



I saw this thread and started to think of the little dust covered bottles of flavoring, sitting on a shelf or in a drawer, abandon. The could have beens, those not even up for consideration. I’m actually more patient then I’m perceived too be by those who know and love me :smile: I’ve mulled over several outstanding choices, but the one that comes to mind, the one I just can’t work with nor would I ever want too again…is…(TFA) Green apple!


Man I love Green Apple TPA. It’s in my top 2 apples of choice. 1st is Fugi Apple FA and then Green Apple TPA.

This is one of my EDVs. Whenever I get down 60ml I make 120ml more… I love this stuff.


So far, there is just one flavoring that I’m very unhappy with and that’s ‘Rainbow Drops’ TFA … Seems loaded with alcohol or some other chemical and it hasn’t gone away after mixing and just sitting with cap off for 4 days. I wish someone would tell me if they have been successful using it and how they mixed it.


I’m huge FA Fuji fan ( fff ? ) I’m glad you like TFA GA, I just find it perfumey and overpowering even at 1%.