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Flavors to avoid at all costs!


For some reason I do not like TFA pomegranate I can taste it at the smallest % and it ruins it for me even w/ store bought juice.


I thought it was Capella’s Green Apple that someone was complaining about?


Thanks Alisa I always see this one and think would I make a skittles or M&M with this but never get it. Glad I didn’t.


I’ve never tried Caps GA.


I’ve got some watermelon in yesterday, from Flavourtec. It says on the bottle it is not for human consumption. :grinning: I guess it is only save to smell. I made some 6% Tiger’s Blood with 1% dragon fruit added. See what that is like in a few days.


I was mistaken, should had looked at prior posts…


You are so sweet to post all this wonderful and tasty information for me (and all who read it too). Gotta go, because my sister is coming to visit me. She drove 110 miles. Love her so. I’m going to show her all of my vaping parafinalia (?sp) so she can give up cigarettes too. Someone gave her something and she’s been trying it, but she doesn’t even know what flavor is in it. So… I hope to let her try a bunch of my favorite devices and flavors and set her up with the perfect vaping setup for her. I just know if she had what suits her, she would love it and give up those stinky and expensive cigarettes. I’ll return later and save all the info you posted for me. XO I really appreciate it. Love this Butterscotch in my Green Apple today TFA. I think there is also oh ya Fig Capella in it. Yummy.


How was it Josephine? We need to get together on “”"“What’s the best Watermelon”""""


There’s only one if you are looking for true watermelon taste, no candy, no chemical taste. NicotineLabs.com’s (Formerly Vapor Shops, formerly Flavor Envy) Watermelon. This is true of their Honeydew and Mocha as well. I like their syringes (though pricey) but don’t buy their nicotine. Also, pray that they can figure out what their name is, they need help…lol


Good luck !!! Hook her up !!


Not the flavourtec! It has a sour smell to it and when I put a drop in a shot glass of water there was hardly any taste to it at all at first and a sour aftertaste later. I just tried the Tiger’s Blood again, thanks for the reminder, I forgot I made it. It has steeped for a week now and it hasn’t improved at all. Still a plasticky slightly chemical taste to it. It must be the watermelon because I have used the coconut and strawberries in other recipes and they don’t taste like that.
So I guess we will have to go with ringlings advice.


I honestly hate recommended them because I do not like their pricing, however, the truth is the truth…


And we can never forget always put bacon on your never buy list. Nasty nasty nasty


Hmmm, that is a bad one. Could there be one actually worst than Bacon? I think there could be. What is it you ask…Chicken and Waffles!

Tastes just like chicken…lol


Damn, you Americans are spoiled. (If that is where you are from) 1.99 for 10 ml. The cheapest flavours I can get here are 3.99! That’s flavourtec btw. Capella is 4.95 , TFA is 5.49 and Flavourart is 6 euros.
It is just not worth ordering unless I buy a lot because of the shipping costs.


Ansjovis! That one must be really gross.


I had a feeling I might get a comment like that when I mentioned I didn’t like the cost. What you and many others don’t know is I have to buy and blend for a Vape Shop. While you look at $1.99 for 10ml I’m looking at $25 plus for just 8oz of flavor. I can buy a number of capella flavors for $34ish for 16oz. I can buy TFA flavor around $18 and up for 16oz. Not only is it $25 plus for 8oz, add $9.00 for shipping. Starting to sound less attractive? Thank your lucky stars you do not have to buy bulk…

PS, it all works out in the end, in europe you pay better prices of FlavorArt, Hangsen, Inw flavors. Buying equipment seems better priced as well…

Spoiled, not a day in my life. Still hopeing though…lol


I didn’t know you were referring to bulk. I don’t know anything about that, I will definitely not start a shop then. Equipment I don’t know if that is better priced. Depends what kind you’re talking about. Tanks are very hard to get for they are not allowed to sell tanks larger than 2 ml, so I get my shit at fasttech. You are right about the Inawera, that is really quite cheap here. Only thing is the assortment is much smaller than in the US. Mind you, I found a shop in the UK that is very reasonable with their prices and have a lot of flavours so I suppose it does work out in the end.


It’s not so much the price they charge, it’s that they are basically saying they are better than capella by the price they charge. We all know this to be false with the exception of a few favors. I actually started out using their flavors. When they changed hands they raised their already high prices by 50%. That is quite a jump. At that time the search was on for replacement flavors. With the exception of Watermelon, Honeydew, and their Mocha, I have found perfectly exceptable replacements for their flavors. Most were actual improvements. BUT, then there was the ones I couldn’t replace. I decided to discontinue the mocha. As we speak Vape Mail is on it’s way for 8oz Watermelon and 8oz Honeydew. Had to bite the bullet…

BTW being we are in the Flavors to avoid thread, Never, ever buy Vapor Shots, Flavor Envy, Nicotine Labs, or whatever they want to call themselves this week, MANGO. Unless of course you enjoy cat piss…


Don’t you have a nice flavour that you can mix that with to make it palatable? I have 5 cats, I can get cat piss for free! Maybe it goes very nicely with ansjovis or bacon.
I will definitely not order from them just to get a decent watermelon, honeydew or mocha. I suppose I can live without.
50% raise is pretty steep, I understand why you rather not promote them. I will never call you spoiled again.