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Flavour Percentages


So I’ve made up a few recipe’s created by other ELRers and am having lots of fun (and great low cost juice)

Now I have quite a few concentrates and I’m looking to start getting my creative on

My question is… how do I know what percentages to use for different concentrates?


One way is to use http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavors and check what percentage others have been using the desired flavor. Just type in the flavor you wanna look at and hit enter.
Good luck on the creative side.


Also it is up to your taste buds. Your buds will give you an idea of what you want. Take notes and know where the strengths and weaknesses lie in that juice. We all have at least 3 or 4 juices elusive to us. It is missing that one thing. Several versions later we got it. It takes time and patience. Taste is subjective and above all mix for yourself to keep off of analogs.


Ditto per @Skullblade789. And what time of day I’m vaping. And what I’m eating. And what I’m drinking. Taste buds are weird things, lol.


At 3:00 PM in the afternoon, my taste buds morph and everything taste weird until after dinner. Why? No idea.


Amen! lol. It’s usually about 3PM when the evil vapor’s tongue attacks me. I’m drinking water, vaping something completely different, going Yuk! Dinner usually does help. The other day I ate a hot dog with a little horseradish sauce on it and viola! I could vape again. Go figure. Bizarre.


I think it’s got something to do with the 12 hours since the deep sleep and low blood sugar thing but yeah… yuck.


Currently vaping a gumny bears recipe I made weeks ago as I can’t taste the Mustard Milk I’ve been vaping all day


So how you guts think this would go as a starting point ?


@Billy82 recipe marked as private


I know :persevere:

Second attempt was a html copy aswell

I’m very new to the forum…sorry


Just take a screen shot and post it. :slight_smile:


open your recipe. Click blue wrench at top right. Click edit. Uncheck set this recipe to private. click save and you’re done


okay it’s public now


Looks like a good start!


Thanx VM …


When I started mixing I tried to estimate flavoring % based on others’ recipes, and it worked okay but it still felt a little like shots in the dark. It wasn’t until I started testing my flavors individually that my eyes were fully opened to the intricacies of the flavors and what %'s to use. I created 4ml samples of each flavor, in my usual 70vg/30pg 3mg/ml base. I mix the flavoring close to the mean or median % I found on the flavoring listing here on ELR, shake and vape it, and record my thoughts on it. Then wait a week or two and vape it again, making notes if the flavor changed after steeping. I highly recommend testing all of your flavors and making extensive notes on them.

I also recommend starting by inventing 2-3 flavoring recipes, your first recipe has 7 flavors in it at pretty equal percentages so it’s going to be hard for you to learn much about the flavors and know what to adjust if it doesn’t taste right.


Great suggestions! I also agree that starting with more simple mixes is helpful. Some of my favorites are ones that started as 2-3 flavor recipes that I added other ingredients on top of after testing.


Yea I was thinking that maybe I should start with a two flavour recipe tbh

Tasting each one seems long winded but that’s gotta be the way forward

Thanx Cre3per