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FlavourArt Butter


Just say no to Butyric Acid!
(It’s got the “footy”! and no my lovely Brits/Poms/Aussies, I don’t mean soccer! ;p)


Could check out: "The whole diacetyl thing"


Very interesting read, I am still not convinced and as always, am being over-cautious. Do you personally use ingredients containing diacetyl?


Yes I do but that is a personal choice based on my research - the only person I had to convince was me (I am not telling you it is safe or it is the right thing for you the only person that can make that decision is you)

Rather than believe what the media has written I went to sources of the papers and read commentary on these papers.

Here are a few commentary pieces many have links to the original studies.


For every medical paper or doctor that says it is ok they are a couple that say it is bad. My choice was based on cigarettes compared with vaping even if I thought it was 1% better is is still better.

Search google for comparative levels of a cigarette diacetyl level compared to vaping.

The cold hard fact is that no smoker or vaper has gotten popcorn lung (at least not reported that I can find)


I get the feel that that right there is about to become the new urban myth surrounding vaping to be honest.


Thanks for sharing that @Brotherbob1, nice write up. :slight_smile:
I’ve already done enough research on it that I’m not the least bit worried about getting popcorn lung from vaping diacetyl. To each there own, but I honestly don’t understand the fears surrounding this issue. I feel like it’s just another one of those things that’s out there purely to try to throw more shade at vaping.
One of the reasons I started DIY was to control my ingredients. I didn’t want unknown sweetener, colors, etc. in my juice, but avoiding diacetyl and other diketones was never a concern of mine once I looked into it.
I like the taste of diacetyl, it makes me happy and keeps me vaping rather than smoking the shit sticks. :grin:


May I ask why? Just curious.


I couldn’t agree more.


I use and have used ingredients containing Diacetyl. Ditto on others comments regarding use and why.


Somebody sent me a little to try quite a while back and I wasn’t overly impressed. It was good but nothing to write home to mama about. I ended up tossing it in favor of the Capella that is my go to


@Brotherbob1 @VapeyMama @Sprkslfly
Because small amounts of something potentially dangerous isn’t bad but continuous exposure over time in my mind is what leads to trouble. While the percentage is far less of that in cigarettes as well as the factories where the whole popcorn lung incidents actually happened, it is still a measurable amount of exposure to it.

Yes, I know there is bad stuff in the air we breathe, the food we eat is genetically modified, etc. but it is my aim to do everything I can to avoid these diseases that are seemingly appearing in everyone. Whether it be cancer, Alzheimer’s, ALS, multiple sclerosis, or anything, I don’t just believe these are random. They come from somewhere and while it may not be this specific substance, since I do not have the science to properly back up where they do come from, it is all about prevention.

Trust me, I feel soooooo left out not being able to use any of these flavors with diketones. They are the best ones from what I hear! But; until something comes out saying it is 100% safe, I am just going to err on the side of caution.

I use mostly fruit flavors anyway so it doesn’t limit me too much. I am perfectly willing to switch sides though! I am always looking for reasons to start using diketones (Other than acetyl propionyl, that stuff is bad all around, from what I have read) but just have yet to be convinced.

Whew! Feel free to convince me otherwise, still :slight_smile:

Do you mean Capella Butter or Golden Butter? Because I have yet to get any butter-like taste from Golden Butter.


there is nothing about vaping that is 100pct safe


Yes, but that is why I am trying to eliminate the aspects of it that have been deemed, unsafe; even if only in small amounts.


Is there such a thing as 100% safe when it comes to anything really?


Nope, that’s why I mentioned the air we breathe, the food we eat. Shall I mention the meds we take or the formaldehyde that our furnishments give off?

I have these plants in my home just to clean the air :laughing: I do what I can, where I can.

Sorry to derail your thread!


Sure do that if you feel it is important.
For me it is like this, life is to short to worry about something that might or might not be harmful in the end.
I plan on enjoying my life and if that means i’m gonna vape diketones, i say no problem i’ll do that as long as it makes my juice taste better (which it does).

Got no time living my life and at the same walk around being kind of paranoid over this or that.


Thanks for the thoughtful response! I don’t want to try and convince someone to do something they’re not comfortable with. We all have certain things we won’t do because they make us uncomfortable, I have plenty and a lot of people probably think I’m nuts or naive, or just straight up stupid but it’s how I feel. For instance, I won’t fly with my kids because I don’t want them going through body scanners or risk them getting groped by a TSA agent. I’ve had people roll their eyes at me right to my face about that… but again, it’s how I feel.
Anywhooo… Like I said, I was just curious! I’m a big advocate of you do you, I’ll do me, and if you’re not hurting anyone then let it be! :grin:


Paranoid is my middle name! Lol, maybe that should be the tag after my name. It is jojo who sets those, correct?


@JoJo or @Ken_O_Where can put Paranoid after your name, no problem.


I don’t think I ever deserve an apology from someone for derailing one of my threads, god knows I’ve done it to half the people on this forum. .:joy: